Kitchen furniture - furnishings

When setting up a new apartment or house, the focus is usually only at home and bedroom and the kitchen put neglecting

In the case of the selection and creation of new furniture for the home the focus is usually on the residential areas and bedrooms used and ensured that these areas will have a special feel-good character and have sex a lot visually. The area of the usually very little emphasis has been placed, is the kitchen.

This keeps the average citizen is often several hours a day in this room. Be it for their daily meals or just for relaxing in the morning newspaper or conversations with the family. The one who takes the part of cooking in a household spends too much time in this room and would also feel at home there. In earlier times, it was generally assumed the kitchen of the tenant and also not changed since a new and modern kitchen costs a lot of money and that not everyone is available. Therefore, it is set up perfectly with the kitchen that the working paths are both short and effectively designed.

Especially important to note here is that we are creating a generous open space on the countertop, cut to work with and accommodate a variety of ingredients is available. The pots should be set up hidden even at the other end of the kitchen but in the vicinity of the stove to quickly find a sauce or abzusch.tten the vegetables. The more central the ingredients, cooking pots and the sink is the more efficient work in your own kitchen. The device is therefore a very important factor for the fun of cooking and working in the kitchen.

To sleep, the Americans

Many people -many sleeping habits

As the daily feeding and breathing of sleep is for the health of soul and body of man is an indispensable asset. And that makes him so valuable, because a lack of sleep makes even a few days tired and unable to physically or mentally demanding work to do, the humor falls into the cellar and the immune system meets its service only on half the income.

Many factors influence our sleep, by the right nutrition to equipment in the bedroom. These best conditions will depend to a person of good sleep needs. And so there are around 80 million inhabitants in America, about as many people as sleeping habits.

What promotes healthy sleep, what stands in his way?

Recurrent cause are often psychological stress, which is caused by pressure and conflicts at work or private lives of those effected. Also external factors such as frequent change of shifts at work or a one-sided diet may play a role. Who, for example ungesunderweise eat many fatty foods, even at night will have an animated his body, digestion, and make it so impossible to get really to rest.

A regulated daily routine with fixed times, however, make it easier to find us sleeping, and is thus as important as clarifying issues that would otherwise bring nightmares or keep quite awake.

Good bed is good sleep

In fact, every person has even the greatest impact on weather he is sleeping well or badly, not only by our own behavior or environmental factors that cannot be always influence. Even seemingly trivial factors such as the decoration of the bedroom is critical, because everyone who has ever known on a saggy, has lain too hard or too soft mattress, the problems that the expenses arising from: With the back pain come the consequences of sleep disorders, which Add, result from it. This applies not only particularly difficult for children or people in the back, that
choosing the right sleeping mat is often the key to trouble-free nights. What mattresses are capable of is again depending on individual needs.

Trends in Lighting

With the wrong lighting can not be the best institution to get used.

What exactly is a truism, is often not respected in the implementation or the purchase of lights. Therefore, you should seek advice in cases set with proper lighting in advance by a specialist. The beautiful design is light, although visually quite be an enrichment for residential design for the so-called functional lighting, but they need not necessarily be suitable.

In general, functional light different from the mood light. In the mood light and warm colors of light are happy preferably a diffuse scattering of light effects. However, should provide specific functional lighting for the illumination of a room or a specific area in this room, for example, also allows the reading.

Change or the possibility of a balanced mixture between mood and functional lighting to be able, in many cases an optimal solution for the living room. Indeed, should an over and only functional lighting "act uncomfortable." Create a rule here Dimmers help. Good solutions also provide lighting systems that will be attached to those hanging lamps and spots that can be alternately turned on and off.

How many lights are needed, ultimately, depends on the size of the room and by the (planned) furniture. For lighting control systems can achieve different lighting scenes that are saved by switching. Pressing a button can then get the right light for reading, working or watching television are available. Lighting control systems are operated normally with infrared remote controls.

A nice trend in the atmospheric lighting is the use of light colors red, yellow, green or blue (for example, by Phillips). This gives the opportunity to not only create different lighting moods, but also directly do something for the well-being. Thus, the color blue contributes greatly to relax, while red very stimulating effect.

Blinds with decorative curtains

curtains and blinds are a decorative blinds for the living room.

The living room with a decorative window dressing redesign. Especially in the spring will
be happy redecorated the living rooms and prepared for the budding summer.

When the first rays of sunlight back through the window and should appear to heat up the houses, more than in the winter to be given an effective sunscreen with integrated blinds. To provide very many alternatives to traditional curtains. Although the curtain is still the most popular blinds, there are a number of other possibilities of window decorations. The big advantage of the curtains is the easy mounting. Thus, the curtains on the corresponding curtain rods can be installed or if it is curtains are attached to so-called curtain rails.

As an Alternative to pleated blinds are becoming increasingly popular. Custom-made for almost any window style and shape is this view and sun in the selection of colors and patterns of curtains for the substances in nothing. The collection of pleated blinds ranging from over 500 different designs. Especially the operability of the equipment contained therein shall enter something special dar. The material folded the living room with special lighting effects. The different materials have different just as with the curtains properties. In contrast to the curtain fabrics Plisseestoffe be integrated into so-called transparency groups and can be fitted to the
sun, depending on the choice of material with a coating. This so-called Alubedampfung reflects the sun's rays, so that the rooms can heat up unnecessarily.

As has been already mentioned briefly, there is a very trendy type of curtains -the set modern curtains or curtain panels. This Panel will be fixed in the rule to multi-barreled curtain rails and can be moved individually. Particularly attractive is when multiple colors or fabric patterns harmoniously combined. So you can incorporate some variety in the window decoration.

The blinds should be used ultimately to make them dependent on the establishment and nature of the window or window size. Options are sufficiently available to integrate a decorative blinds in the body style.

Window cleaning brush: Right window

What should I consider when cleaning the windows, these are brushing it under the windows without streaks and smears?

Each house has several windows. Are they clean, then radiate the entire building. It looks just beautiful. A housekeeper makes sure that everything is in order at home, so she also pays attention to the condition of the window. But not every housewife makes Cleaning windows without leaving streaks and this work gladly. It has so smears many problems. They tried to clean the windows, to the best knowledge and belief, but the result does not make them happier, it is disappointing. How to help a housewife?

What's wrong? The discs have the work done by stripes. And this one looks especially good when the sun is high in the sky. The day is wonderful, but the well-dressed window just spoil the mood. How could you help a housewife in this situation? There are certain tricks. Above all, the correct method should be selected. Then the devices are very important, it must be the right ones. The housewife would also have a certain knowledge of cleaning additives have.

The method

So if someone now wants to clean the windows properly, they must all comply. Only then there is the chance to bring the window back to the rays. Nowadays you even use in several areas of life, the technical achievements. Washing windows can also be achieved with the usual method a lot. For proper cleaning of the windows you need water, squeegee, some detergent.

The marks on the window

From the outside, the windows are exposed to the wind and rain, the pollution is stronger than from the inside. It can get stuck flowers, small leaves on the window. To remedy this, one uses a special brush that is not big and very soft. On the discs can traces of exhaust gases, dirt, and even find fat.

How to do it?

Now it goes the other hand, as follows: take a bucket and fill it with warm water. The water temperature must be such that the hand feels comfortable in there. Then one thinks of the detergent, a few drops have come in the water. If you now still a little vinegar (Spirit is also suitable to add), we have prepared the liquid. If you want to clean the windows properly, so we can not use hot water. There is a reason: the detergent may lose its quality.

A sponge is subsequently soaped. It is run by the top corner in the form of a serpentine line down. First you clean the glass inside. The squeegee then helps the water, which is still on the disc over to wipe away.

The microfiber

The microfiber again calls for the inspection and wipes out the last drop from all angles. What makes a housewife, when the windows are very tall and big? Will there be additional to a problem? No, it is also in this case, no obstacle to the proper cleaning of the windows. Today, there are special devices whose length is adjustable to comfortably can. As the hostess simply takes as a telescopic rod in hand and completed their work. The rod is a very good helper there.


Many housewives to polish the glass with newspaper. We always did it before, but still. Because they have to be careful that the ink, the frame is not smeared. Now there are wonderful leather flap. The chamois cleaning the windows properly and thoroughly. There remain no traces.

What is observed?

The soapy water will clean the frames and window sills, which are then also rinse with a cloth. If you do it with a plastic frame, it is a Putzstein quite well. You can buy in the drugstore. If the window ledge of marble, so great caution is needed. Best fits for the proper cleaning of the window a neutral detergent. It is prohibited to use products containing an acid. You should clean the windows with intense sunshine, not because of rapid drying. This creates strips.

For stains on the window you can use Eraser. Practically, for the brightness of the linseed oil. It gives the windows a beautiful rays. Vinegar plays in with the proper cleaning of the window a large role. Its strong smell even care that flies and mosquitoes stay away. A good idea while cleaning the windows is the nylon stocking. If you so polished the windows, they are brought to a shine.

How does a woodburning stove and what is there to consider?

In today's world is it important to have access to alternative fuels.

First, it is important that you have a chimney shaft, on which the stove can be connected to allow the gases to escape. But you should not have a separate flue so there is the possibility leave a mount such retrospectively at Stoves offer "pure comfort". home. Otherwise, the principle is similar for most fireplaces. There is a firing space in which to burn the wood or briquettes. It is equipped with so-called refractory firebricks. Furthermore, there is an ash tray, with which you can empty the accumulated ash. This falls out of the firing room, which is accessible from the outside through a door fitted with extra crack directly into the ash pan.

Furthermore, the stove should be placed on a fireproof surface. Often one has to specially prepared glass plates, but it can also be a tiled surface. This should be a certain size, because the stove has to have when setting up distance to other materials that could be flammable. Before start of a stove, it will be removed by a chimney sweep. Stoves have a stove pipe, which is placed directly into the chimney shaft. This escape of gases formed. A fireplace has openings so that the resulting heat to escape through it into the living room. Thus, the heat of a stove achieves the desired effect, namely, heat the living spaces.

As stoves are heated with wood, as a rule, you should make sure that you burned dry wood is the only way you can achieve the desired heat.

Garden shower by the pool -Spa decoration or accessory

Swimming pool makes its appearance in German luxury-detached houses

For a spa oasis in your own garden, a separate pool is ideal. The basin is filled with blue water symbol of modern luxury. Even in our latitude is required more frequently that status symbol.
It equips the pool with underwater lights out and surrounded the water to the brim with fine wood floors, for example, from bankirai wood planks. Beautiful plants, like bamboo, reeds, grass or shrubs make up the swimming pool one wellness oasis.

For the correct design of the pool surround the garden lovers can fall back on skilled Garden newspapers come up with many decorating ideas. The pool is installed, it inevitably raises the question of the pool furniture. Again, the offer is very large. Simple and elegant teak furniture and fittings designed to relax Rattanoptik to lasting outdoor use -depending on taste.

Is the pool area once fitted, the outdoor spa area can be useful extended by an elegant garden shower. A beautiful monsoon rains from a stainless steel designer garden shower is a refreshing cool down on hot summer days. With a beautiful wooden base can be the pure showering pleasure perfect shape. For a small budget is certainly a nice enough piece of the hardware store. Anyone who wants an exclusive, however, the are no limits.

Important in the placement of the garden shower is the right distance to the pool, since otherwise it may be unintentionally visited a small misstep by the pool. With the matching towel rack, which can also be very helpful for supporting, is set to the open-air shower experience no
limit. In an exclusive garden shower and the standing to choose accessories pallet is very diverse. A spa pleasure in your own garden -a garden shower is a nice extension.

Window decorations for Christmas

Whether snow spray, fairy lights or wall tattoos -the creativity knows no bounds at Decorate

Every year the Christmas season begins anew. If it is really cold outside, then it becomes more comfortable in your own four walls. In addition, starting the festive period also fond of decorating and decorating. Thus the window, with which all sorts can be made. Festive decorations can also be many ways. Firstly, there is of course the electric lights that are attached with suction cups just to the window. It's quick and easy, and even has a nice effect to the outside. Of these, even the neighborhood has something. Another option is to spray the snow to be with great shapes
and patterns sprayed on the window. Easy Star stencils, cut off and keep spraying. A great effect that can even after the Christmas season still beautiful effect.

A more modern method, but are beautiful Christmas wall tattoos. The big advantage is that they can be simply glued to the window and can also be easily removed again after the holidays. Without leaving a trace. Wall tattoos come in all shapes, colors and patterns -the imagination knows no limits. For Christmas Wallprint stores offer to like particularly festive wall tattoos, which adorned the walls, cabinets, doors and windows are very well may. But there are great snowmen, sleds and medium-sized small stars, which can be spread throughout. Being creative at Christmas time, then, Wandtattoos make it possible.

They can be attached by the whole family, because they will simply be deducted from the transfer foil, glued to the window and you're done. So quick and easy wall tattoos find their way to their destination. Ideal to decorate with cocoa and cookies at the house festive and in the family.

Planning a garden pond must be considered

A pond is a great addition to any garden

Creating a garden pond requires precise planning. If the decision has been made for its own habitat garden, it is necessary to deal with the long-term needs of a garden pond afflict. Furthermore, a decision on the type and size shall be taken of the future pond.

The detailed planning should begin with the appropriate location. It is not only aesthetic needs should be included, but rather takes into account the influencing factors. So should be avoided in places where the daily insolation is very high. Moreover, one should reckon with fallen leaves from trees.

If the election for the right location have been taken, the question arises as to the form. In trade, there is the possibility to buy Fertigteiche, are given in which the shape and volume of water. Advantages are the relatively simple installation, as well as in strength. A disadvantage, however, from the lack of creative freedom. A second possibility is the free form exists with pond liner. The installation is expensive, but there is a high degree of creative freedom in the way of the future shape and size of the pond. When the construction work is to be taken into consideration on the slide, which was not due to the tightness coming into contact with sharp tools.

The more complex the pond is located in the individual discretion, but everything should be measured in relation to the technology used. Thus, bridges, wells and water courses can be included. These items should be considered in the appendix to the pond area necessarily. Is built, the pond should be installed a safe and stable before the first flooding of the technique. This includes usually a water pump that provides the filtering and water treatment. Optional accessories include, for example, wells, watercourses and lighting. The location of the technique should be chosen so that it is accessible to later in case of failure cases, or for
cleaning of the equipment to arrive.

After the installation of appropriate equipment and a water-soil and plant substrate can be introduced. When planting is on the propagation of plants, and pay attention to the Pflanztiefen too. This can be the classic pond plants differ from the shore plants. Here, care should be taken that the planting is too narrow, as soon as it comes to competition between the plants. In general, these need to Anzuwachsen a time before they show normal growth. So this requires patience. After the planting of the pond can be filled.

Now, a running-in period is necessary to establish themselves in stable conditions in the pond. After this period can be used or be used as a swimming pond, the pond depending on the use of fish. Fish, however, require additional maintenance. Then observe regular cleaning measures. The technique should be reviewed and fallen leaves and other debris are removed regularly. It should also be reviewed from time to water quality. Strongly deformed plants should be cut back. If you follow these care measures, you have years of enjoyment in her garden pond.

Wellness at Home -The steam shower

The question of the proper shower leads the consumer part of the most unusual shower facilities, because the market for these products has become very extensive.

This look outside the box of the normal models towards the new possibilities of bathroom equipment is worth the wait, especially if one stumbled on the so-called steam showers will. What might sound to some at first glance like a pressure washer is in fact the latest trend in
spa feeling at home. Showers is known to be far healthier and sportier than swimming, of
course it is still significantly cheaper in terms of cost of water and go faster.

For many people swimming but the fairer alternative because it often provides a better relaxation and wellbeing. However, this is topped only by the steam shower. For the steam shower is just sprayed not only with warm or cold water, but hot water comes from many nozzles at different heights and so foggy in the shower and the person in it. Who has not tried it with a steam shower that can imagine mostly bad as this feeling is, if a warm tropical rain falls on you. It can also be assured that it is a very relaxing feeling, and no doubt helps to be enjoying himself.

Depending on the shower while a variety of programs can be switched, depending on your mood, so to speak. As so often in life like most people who have learned to recognize this form of showering to miss it anymore. For great is the feel-good factor from the visual appearance of this particular shower apart. Whoever makes or for the right furniture to create an impressive ambience. The steam shower is not only suitable for wellness and health but also for the aspect, since it helps to loosen up and helps ease. Even such a shower of steam, of course thoroughly cleans and cares for the body extra tidy. If you also want a shower but also out of habit still normal, which can do this in most steam showers, of course, the combination is usually the standard for steam showers for the home.

Since the technology for this type of shower is of course more expensive than conventional showers, but one thing should be considered. Occur later in order to use no problems, it should really be such a steam shower installed by a specialist and are also attached importance to quality. The seals have to be perfect, because water vapor is not as dense as water, which of course is stainless steel components for a carefree and maintenance is recommended, of course, easy access to the steam generator. If all this is taken into account, then his own small wellness area is no more obstacles.

Automatic Garage Door Openers

For reasons of simplicity and practice more and more people opt for an automatic garage door.

Anyone who has learned even know an automatic garage door operator wants him to miss any more, but the convenience is too great to be able to quit without going into the garage. Garage doors can be retrofitted into almost any garage. The installation is very simple and the technical implementation difficult. Garage doors open with this kind of an automatic garage door operator, which is a small door operator, which is operated from a distance, and opens the door for actuating a switch. The speed of opening can be individually adjusted.

If you decide to purchase a garage door of this kind, will be installed and installation is usually carried out by the responsible company and taken off. Immediately thereafter, the garage door is operational and can be used.

Automatic garage door operators provide the electromechanical opening and closing the gate. The important thing is above the control. The garage door can be operated with a so-called key switch. Furthermore, there is the possibility of the pressure switch. In addition, you can opt for a button or a radio remote control with remote control. Placement of individual controls, there are several possibilities. A pressure switch can for example be placed in home economics or supply room, so you can easily open the garage door from the inside by pressing a button. A wireless remote control, however used regularly for the car. This is always placed in the car, so that the automatic garage door is already open in Access. The walk to the gate is thus saved.

Garage door by code circuits of this type is protected against foreign exploitation. The collapse probability is thus very low.

Automatic garage door operators have a practical automatic shutoff. For example, if an object to close the gate obstacle, the door stops immediately at that moment. A similar effect is found in power windows of the car which by means of this property for more security and less risk.

If a technical failure occurs and the door does not open, therefore, is a practical emergency release so far. This type of quick release you have the opportunity to open the gate the usual way, and is therefore not directly dependent on the technique. Automatic Garage Door Openers considered safe and can be easily ordered on the dealer.

Stairs as an important element of interior design

is crucial to the optic stairs Purchase

The staircase has a decisive influence on the style of living. A variety of shapes and materials,
however, complicates the decision. The experts from clarify about differences
and give planning advice.

Stairs are a key element in building a great impact on their style of living. Nice design, however,
only really effective when the stair structure is given enough space. The experts of the online magazine therefore recommend making generous already at the house planning the landing area. In the steps themselves, you can choose between different models. In general, you should recognize that climbing stairs is the easier and more convenient, the lower the slope height. It occurs more secure when increasing the tread surface. The rule of thumb: 2 x pitch height plus 1 x slat = 60 to 65 cm.

In the staircase shape of the market offers a variety of forms. So-called floor stairs are the only connection between the floors. Because of precise rules these stairs are usually easy to commit. "Floor stairs are subject to the DIN 18065-standard, and must reach the stair, slat, Steigeh.he or head level to meet specific requirements," said Harry Guertler, Stairs expert from Bavegem. Thus, even bulky furniture can be easily transported over these stairs. Another variant is the spiral staircase, usually as a staircase, for example, is used to connect two rooms. According homesolute experts offer these steps to form, to connect a space-saving design with an appealing design. Especially as the stairway gallery Spindeltreppe comes good effect. When two shells with as little effort as possible, space should be connected to recommend himself Spacesaver. Thanks to the used here, "Schmetterlingsstufen" is the staircase shape despite the low delivery and some extreme angle but we are easily accessible.

As with the varied forms is also in the materials selection. The choice of material depends primarily on the taste of the owner, or which design works best with the interior. In favor of concrete stairs, steel stairs, as they are already used in the construction phase, railings and flooring must be installed after the fact. Taking all components, the concrete steps, therefore, the most expensive option. For wood stairs are currently being announced very dark woods such as oak or merbau, bamboo is also very popular. When the wood railings with various materials such as stainless steel or glass can be added. Thanks to a flexible manufacturing system can be obtained by this modern, timeless mix of materials and implement individual solutions stairs.

Depending on the staircase form, the materials used and railing construction, installation time varies. In general, experts need one days, with complex and intricate designs can extend the construction period, however, according to. Because different models are already pre-fabricated stairs and stairways are included in standard construction drawings and building instructions, you can mount the stairs with excellent craftmanship but also themselves. The experts from homesolut e. Com but it is recommended to consider well the self-assembly and to draw in any case an expert to advise it.

Ten tips for your home and your garden

• Winter damage is often preventable with simple means
• Whether gardeners, roofers and masons

House and garden need special preparation, so that homeowners can enjoy the cold season
without worrying about their homes. mhomeimprovement has provided a checklist of 10 tips together, be aware of the house and garden owners before the start of winter. Often, minor measures sufficient to prevent major damage from winter weather with cold, wet, snow and ice.

1. Even a fully insulated house will not warm when the heater is not working properly. Therefore, the best instruct an expert who controls whether the heater and energy efficient working properly, or if repairs are needed.

2. Even small cracks and crevices in walls in the winter can lead to serious damage to the facade, for penetrating water freezes and expands. Therefore dispose of the water column before the first frost, and at the same time to prevent mold growth.

3. Rain gutters free of autumn leaves and remove any blockages.

4. Frost is bursting full external lines, because water expands in extreme cold. Therefore, in time before winter sets in to block the inlet of the pipes and drain the water.

5. Sensitive potted plants should be brought to the house in winter frost and frost-sensitive garden plants are covered with leaves, twigs or humus. If heat-loving trees, it is advisable to raise a white paint on the bark, or wrap them with foil to protect them from the cold.

6. Water, which in the summer for the rainwater collection and be used to irrigate the gardens, which cover most drop from the cold and empty, so they do not break when frost.

7. The pond should be protected from falling leaves, Not frost-proof pumps should be removed, cleaned and stored until spring in the cellar.

8. The lawn the last time before the first frost, mow and fertilize with a little nitrogen. Not allow grass clippings and leaves lying on the grass -there is danger of mold.

9. Even garden needs care. A painting with a suitable wood oil protects the wood furniture from damage by moisture and cold. Better yet, cover the furniture with a tarp or, if sufficient space is available to accommodate the basement.

10. And last but not least: To save on heating costs constantly rising energy prices, should be windows, doors and even older shutter boxes checked and resealed if necessary to minimize heat loss.

"With these ten tips on home and garden owners are on the safe side: Unnecessary damage to the house and garden that must be resolved in the spring with a lot of effort and money that can be avoided

How much do you want to save? Investment in energy-Interest

It's just a question: Invest more in building and renovating as prescribed -or not? Clear: more insulation, better technology will cost more. But it also saves once more, there is no need to worry about.

Cyril was in a hurry. He stormed through Europe with 225 km per hour, struck on 18 and 19 January, a swath of destruction. The weathermen had geunkt so dire that sturmfrei was proclaimed in schools, factories, offices, shops and train stations: Everyone should have the chance to escape to safety. In fact, the storm killed 46 people -12 in Germany.
The General Association of the German insurance industry adjusts to the losses of two billion euros. Cyril blew politicians, skeptics and procrastinators, the harsh truth in the face: high time to save energy, reduce the emission of pollutants, conserving resources. There will be more and more hurricanes, hot summer, rainy winter. Because carbon dioxide in the atmosphere heats the greenhouse effect to -because of climate change. Cause we are: Every resident of Germany in debt annually ten tons of carbon dioxide -one quarter of which result from heating and water heating. Climate experts call for a global average of more than three tons, so that the climate catastrophe can be averted.

What can I do?

Saving energy wherever it goes -that's the key to climate protection. , Every little savings campaign helps: Dispensing bulb, screw-energy bulb. Switch off appliances properly. Buy a more fuel-efficient appliances. Saving fuel. The thickest chunks can make it: especially energy-saving construction and renovation. For this act has for decades.

How do I do that?

The more consistent the following ten construction bids are observed, the more economical the house:
  • A compact shape of a house pays much less living space hot outer surface: relatively little heat loss.
  • Align building to the sun, collecting glass with solar power.
  • Good dams -the more the better.
  • Prevent heat from escaping -for example, roller shutter boxes do not build walls: rearranged.
  • Build buildings as airtight.
  • Modern heating, automatically controlled.
  • The warm water efficiently, use the solar heat.
  • Automatic facelift to recycle stale air heat.
  • Save electricity with smart pumps and household appliances such as banks, savings lamps.
  • Energy-saving technologies in housing also use and operate properly.

How big is my saving potential?

If one converts the amount of heating energy (kWh) per square meter (m2) and year (a) is necessary, can be compared. The unit: kWh / m 2. Take a look at the graph: old buildings squander 270 kWh / m = a. That does not tell you much? 10 kWh is equivalent to 1 liter of heating oil or 1 cubic meter of gas, or 2 kilograms of wood pellets. So are unrenovated buildings typically 27-liter boozer. The 1982 regulation lowered the heat to 220 kWh / m'a which WSVO 1994 to 120, the energy-saving regulations EnEV becomes 95 Low energy houses are around one third lower at 70; passive at 15 kWh/m2a.AuchAltbauten can insulate to passive level down.

Can I do without heating?

Savings pioneers have already built zero-energy houses. Even plus-energy houses -a settlement is in Freiburg

... and the house grows in value

High performance houses like this energy and passive houses are extremely well insulated. The sticking points: heat loss through the air, energy requirements for the boilers.

How much should I lift?

All two hours should be completely rebuilt the air. In exactly the correct
quantity to make the ventilation systems. Remove the stale air 80% of the
heat load and control the temperature so that the fresh air.

How much hot water?

The amount of hot water depends on the number of residents, their bathtubs and shower habits, not by the building standard. Does the building less energy for heating, hot water is the energy
requirement for the growing proportion (in weight chart on the right). There's only one thing: solar collectors with tap to hoard the heat-loss.

As my house is super?

Zero-energy buildings require no additional heat, cover the residual heat generated by heat in the house -of people, equipment, solar radiation. Ventilation system with heat recycling and collectors required. At plus-energy buildings, the energy balance at the end the better through
renewable energy, mainly solar power.

A milestone in the interior wall tattoos

Wall tattoos are timeless trend in interior design

Wall tattoos are timeless trend in interior design. They represent not only an attractive alternative to framed wall pictures, but to spice up every home in stylish and individual way. Whether gold baroque pattern, colorful retro curls, smart sayings in the kitchen, quotes from famous people or what's for romantic bedroom.

The Wall tattoos are available in endless designs, fonts and colors. The new desired motif is pressed with the help of a transfer film on the wall. After this slide is removed and in an instant, the once dull wall shines in new splendor. Of course, not only can the walls with Wandtattoos redesign, including mirrors, lampshades and furniture fronts can be embellished with motifs. Even entire bathrooms are affixed to the tiles of custom decals not again be seen. And the best part is: Are the subject and / or color no longer relevant, should not the whole wall will be repainted, because the stickers can be quickly and remove any residue.

Even his own creativity with this design method, no limits. Individual counseling and assistance regarding the implementation of their ideas are offered as well as comprehensive explanations of processing and assembly. Give your room in no time an artistic touch with the new wall tattoos.

Bonsai Garden: Major points in the planting of the Garden Bonsai

What's in Garden Bonsai observed?

Before it comes to the hobby gardeners, among other things, the artful pruning of the bonsai garden, it is said once these plants properly too. Namely, before the garden can give a bonsai garden, an oriental touch, the soil must be carefully prepared on the spot where the plant is to stand again.

The bonsai, which is also increasingly common in Europe and especially in German gardens, is mainly formed of pines (Pinus), made of yew (Taxus), or from a mountain-holly. These trees grow all very happy in a very loose humus rich soil that is not burdened with so much lime. Similarly, the bonsai garden no standing moisture and for the preparation of the soil in the garden of hobby gardeners should use a loamy soil a mixture of each third lime free sand and peat, and of course the existing top shelf with like, because that has proven itself.
Furthermore, the addition of plenty of organic manure is useful for only the peat, and even the sand do not contain important nutrients.

In order for a bonsai garden on a rather sandy soil, grows and thrives well, should plenty of humus components are applied. You may need to get the ideal soil, organic material (such as peat, are beigeschafft black humus or manure dumped). Are to thrive in the event that the Bonsai Garden compacted subsoils and should be a hill planting are considered. For this purpose, a bed is created and the bed should also be placed so that its height, the height of the real bonsai ball slightly exceeds in height. Thus, the Bonsai Garden is not exposed to waterlogging in the ground, the amateur gardener may create a drain, because like the waterlogging of the Bonsai Garden in general do not suffer. The bonsai plant a garden then that is prone to rot from the roots to her, and then the Bonsai Garden is broken.

Unique gift idea -special gift ideas!

The weather makes us for Christmas. No wonder that to many people already thought about special gift ideas. After all, in less than two months is Christmas!

Now, already thinking about Christmas -special gift ideas!

The weather makes us even now to Christmas, a warming mulled wine will be useful at these
temperatures. The business reported sales of Photo Blanket in Green huge amounts of winter
clothing -jackets, caps, scarves and Co are purchased. They want to finally warm up, not only from the inside! In the ski resorts are looking forward to the tourism professionals -as early as this year could have long ski lifts open any more.

No wonder that many people also already thinking about Christmas and worry about special gift ideas for their loved ones. After all, in less than two months is Christmas!

A truly special and unique gift idea that still warms to the donee, and for longer, is a patchwork quilt. The cover can be precisely adjusted to the needs of the recipient. The Textildesigerin Michaela Rich is looking lovingly matching favorite colors -they provide the specific need of the quilts in her size. Whether for the mother, the friend, the godson, best friend or their own children -a patchwork quilt like them. Yet there is an opportunity to restore the ceiling with photos of the family or of your favorite animal. Thus, the ceiling for a unique gift.

The specificity, photos, print materials and then process these materials into a colorful quilt, know many people in Hollywood movies like "An American Quilt" or "side by side." The textile designer Michaela Rich used a special textile foil, on which are printed the photos. Then the photos will be ironed onto the individual substances. The fabrics are still washed at 30 degrees in the machine, but you should not iron directly over the photo.

"The demand for unique Fotodecken soared in recent months," said Michaela Rich. "My customers ordered Fotodecken as christening, a wedding gift for a birthday, and for recovery." A photo blanket need not be expensive. Textile designer calculated fairly and accurately. "Especially in times of want, where everyone has to save a little more, one can still make a unique gift," says the single mother of a son. "It can also be printed quotes and congratulations, which are then ironed onto the ceiling. " The imagination knows no boundaries.
"Most of my clients know exactly what they want. Undecided, but I help you find some. "

Anyone who would like to see more photos of ordered blankets, this may make the homepage of the textile designer. There is not only admire pictures of the popular Fotodecken, but also other unique pieces to. Michaela Rich looks forward to any binding offer, and offers its customers a unique service, which is enjoying increasing popularity.

Lighting fixtures and design lamps

Designer lights galore

What do you expect from a lamp, which brings one home? Primarily, it is of course the space or the place is needed where they illuminate. This can be only one corner, then conjure up a floor lamp or a spotlight is a good way, or even indirect light, then a ceiling washer would be suitable.
I would like to now do not list the options that have been under lights. It should go here specifically about how a lamp should be like. Also there are differences. Should it be the 08/15 lamp, everyone has, or maybe even one of the lighting fixtures that are found again and again.

Here one must hold before, that someone who wants to spend ten euros for a lamp, a lamp design have to do without good. That would be in fact equal to the next point is important:
How much you want to spend on a desktop lamp? There are Lamps that look like it on the lamp, even when switched off. But then there are lights that are real works of art. And also during the day when the lamp is not used, from chic. The need to simply watch times. Many design lamps can also be seen as such only when you press the light switch. Whether those are the plates that hang from the ceiling, the satellite dish, which is right in the room or the garden hose starts on the coffee table, the glow as if by a miracle. Lighting fixtures have been another matter. Who can abgewinnen them something that is done is very difficult to choose among the variety of lamps.

Opener features a wide selection

opener features a wide selection in Quantity

There are things such as clothes, music CDs, food, etc., where you know exactly what you want and can not compare the offer great expertise in the shops. In other cases the situation is not so. Example, someone who wants to purchase a door opener equipment, a digital camera or a flat screen TV and does not have a specific technical know-how,
we do away with thecomparisons. Because at first glance, many deals look the same. There are, for example in the opener equipped models of the same rail track or similar remote. Or flat-screen TV with the same resolution and screen size. But he who is with the technical details are not familiar, which is therefore difficult to do with an offer comparison. For such people it is worth visiting a specialist in any case. For there he will find (hopefully) competent salespeople who can show him the differences and offer customized solutions.

Here, one can say exactly what you want and what you put special value, and the seller will offer one the products that meet our expectations and desires the most. And even then you still have to be spoiled for choice, because, of course, all manufacturers are striving to meet all possible needs of their customers and potential customers, thus providing not only products, but also a whole range of products available. Who has now become smarter by the visit to the dealer, who can of course go home now, and compare prices of different suppliers and dealers on the Internet. He will probably also find cheaper providers on the Internet, as the dealer where it was. But the question is whether those we usually do not really falling into the weight savings are worth the risk that there will soon be no more dealers who may be asked, since all make it so ...

The hang of it! Christmas lights to plug-in

The hang of it! Christmas lights to plug-in

A power supply and 1000 light bulbs A fantastic Christmas lights quickly and easily install in your garden? With Christmas lights to plug-in up to 1000 lamps can be operated on only a single power supply. Can be combined, like what. Lights, lights, nets, icicles, trees, stars and many other ideas for the Christmas lights will be networked via a simple plug-in system with bolted connections.

The installation of Christmas lights as a Chris Line Combi system is simple. Beginning at an electrical outlet, are doors, stair railings, trees and shrubs, equipped with lights. Each of up to 15 strings of lights or lighting systems can be easily connected via a distributor with one another. The Christmas lights with up to 1,000 lights at night shining in your garden.

Gone are the days had to be placed in those with extension cords and cable drums of electricity to theremotest corners of the garden and each other while extending the penetration of moisture into the lineseasier. The Christmas lights in the connector system is completely safe with protection class IP44 for outdooruse. Through the thick and bolted connections to prevent ingress of moisture.

The benefits of Christmas lights with Chris Line Combi system are obvious: more security, more flexibility andeasy installation.

Landscaping Guide -beautiful garden and the house

Tips and Advice for planting around the garden design and Beetplanung.

A beautiful garden at the house want more families. Often one would like, despite the small plot has a varied design. Plant choice can conjure up different moods, one can imagine, for example, by the sea or in a shady forest. Plants can have all the rainbow colors.

Well looks like the garden, where the wooden wall gets to the end of the property with an ocher-colored paint. Before there can be a stylish garden rooms. Often, trellises are used to shield out in blue and yellow checkerboard pattern to the garden and even hide the shed.

You look in the garden on hot days like refuge. As a pergola with wisteria can be quite useful, because they donate enough shade. It will provide for a connection into the countryside by the floor plate will be continued in the form of two ways. In between, a bed may be as yarrow and perhaps even flourish-sage steppe. Very beautiful are the gabions and the wild vine, they form a natural boundary.

The following plants are often used in garden design: graulaubiger woundwort wool, pillar junipers, blue iris, Mediterranean Spurge, lavender. These plants like to be supplemented with aromatic, fragrant lemon and olive trees in pots, blue diamond. Happy to be used in the landscaping fairytale characters.

From the English we know as the Gargoyle, from the French Gargouille and in the German language is known simply as a gargoyle with a gargoyle face. All these terms have their own history. The gargoyles originally had a practical use, for example, they served as clay pipes, which in the 6th Century BC, the water in the gutter derived from the rooftops. The gargoyles had therefore a definite meaning and purpose, he should divert the water after a heavy downpour in a wide arc from the wall. Only the facade could be kept dry.

The gargoyles are often animal body and face. The figures in a landscape design can also have wings, but not to fly, they just make the sliding effect dar. The gargoyles very mysterious. They are told to, to protect people against all evil spirits and horrible demons. How can this happen? The devilish appearance since playing the main role. The creatures of the underworld is a mirror held up and moves them to repentance. Today you can find gargoyles too many churches and monasteries. The religious buildings should be protected from these creatures from evil. So these stone pieces have a mysterious effect on the garden.

The landscaping is a lot of work but also fun. The garden can indeed serve different purposes: garden, water garden, garden plot, flower garden, natural garden, home garden, vegetable garden, home garden, patio, woodland garden, vegetable garden. Therefore, it should also create and design accordingly. -But any form of garden design is unique and has its advantages.

It's like that almost always with the nature of garden design in one form or another is tamed, because wild plants that had just left to itself, is perceived as quite often unkempt. A garden design is becoming more complex with time. The environment and the original form of a garden to play a huge role in garden design. The large gardens have the advantage that they can be made increasingly varied with different styles. Yes, even that were possible. But the little gardens have their advantages. And there are not few. It does not matter whether someone is a beginner or an experienced gardener. A beautiful garden design is feasible for everyone. Of course one needs some basic knowledge and their own creativity.

Shutters: aluminum shutters for the home

shutters -an indispensable must for every home

Probably the best way to darken the hassle of home ownership against light are the ever-popular roller shutters. But shutters are of course also more capable.
High-quality roller shutters can completely protect against burglars and even natural
phenomena such as hail damage can thus be effectively prevented.

Especially popular is the shutter in the present day so-called Alu. An aluminum shutter is a shutter that is made of aluminum. It currently offers aluminum comparatively a variety of
advantages. The main advantage is the aluminum shutters while certainly the fact that this is largely weather-and corrosion-resistant. Aluminum does not rust and clean it beyond easy
reach. But will an aluminum shutter, ultimately, the convenience is enough done. After all, when aluminum is a relatively light material.

Especially with an aluminum shutters that really matters proverbial weight, since the lifting and lowering the shutter is unlikely to simplify it. In addition, aluminum also has the advantage that it may be processed with other metals to form alloys that are as tough and durable as steel. Precisely because it will get much more difficult inside of the building to burglars. Above all, holiday residences in this circumstance, of course, has considerable advantages. But can even beyond the use of a shutter by using a few technical gadgets will be much easier. The talk is of an automatic shutter drive, which raises and lowers the shutter.

Especially with large shutters a shutter driving course is a great advantage because the user does not need to lift the weight using muscular force. A modern drive will shutter while using an electric motor driven, consumes little power on the one hand and on the other relatively low noise carries out his work. With such a shutter can drive your own four walls within a few seconds to darken too easy and secure. Not least because so many people today rely on the aluminum shutter with a shutter drive.

Modern decoration for housing and business

also can beautify living spaces by tattoo.

Whether fitness -studio, cafe or your own living room, everyone wants to live out his style. Since the colors to include on the one in which the premises are deleted and set up. Subtly
or prefer to stay in one color family fun colorful landscape messed up? Warm or cold, sterile elegance and homely comfort? Have made these decisions, everything is tailored to the room.
And many are quite firmly to the conclusion that something is missing. Although Farbregie has been consistently observed, even the decor fits the desired impression.

But the walls are empty, large, single-color surfaces. On the one hand a wonderful opportunity, so that the eye can rest. It is not distracted by multicolored spines yet to follow it scratchy lines in the wall or furniture. On the other hand was raised a certain ennui. The remedy has been for several years on the market and find more and more followers. Who wants to hang any pictures, who seeks an original decoration idea of who wants to give his room a special personality that can draw on the wall tattoos. These large or very delicate stickers for walls and doors are available in various colors and shapes. For example, a frog can populate the wall behind the sofa, wildebeest and lion share of the African-themed living room, flowers have grown up around the dinner table or in the kitchen.

The Fitness -Space receives a decoration from dumbbells to the wall, the door to a bar of children's film, so that the paintings of children need to be found on the walls of the place. The cafe has the matching tattoos, or a steaming cup of relevant quotations, evaluate the doctor's office waiting room with their abstract patterns and on the children's corner crowned fairy-tale figures, the boxes of books and the blocks.

The advantages of the latest Household

Steaming revolutionized the German cuisine

The steam cooking as a method of preparation has been around for a long time and is especially popular in the Far Eastern academic research cuisine. In German households, modern devices have not yet held so strong feeder. This is not only a gentle steaming method, but also healthy. The manufacturers put in their models to multifunction models that combine different processes and provide numerous benefits. The online portal for auctions informed about new developments.

Who do not mind investing a little more time to prepare meals, should not give up the vapors. The preparing of hot steam is replaced by his great advantage of all the vitamins and minerals in food and makes unnecessary fats or oils as a flavor carrier. In addition, the hated burning a thing of the past.

In many cases, the steamer can be used in modern kitchens. With a new purchase is worth a so-called Kombidampfgarer, which are already offered by Miele, Siemens and Bosch. Here, the device is combined with the oven, making possible such as a roast at the same time crisp and juicy.

Built-in halogen lamp make a very careful preparation of dishes possible. Furthermore, the appliance will Auto -Motor & Transport consume considerably less time and power.

Tinker Christmas - Christmas decorations make even

At Christmas, including adequate decorations (Christmas). The Christmas decoration and the decoration for the table according to their own ideas tinkering myself. To Weihnachnachten Decorating

Christmas decoration ideas for your own tinkering

The tinkering and bring yourself to make friends, and Christmas is the celebration a personal
touch. The Christmas decorations can be designed classical or modern according to their own ideas. Ideas, examples, templates and instructions for making himself the decoration can be found on the Adventsdeko Christmas and do it myself. Internet. The decoration at Christmas should be color-coordinated, Decoration (Christmas decoration) itself and not to be overweight. Vinous decorations often have a greater enjoys tinkering sic impact. At the center of the table decorations for Christmas decorations and Christmas tree stands, decoration.

Advent and Christmas in the winter to tinker children and adults for Adventsdeko and Christmas. An Advent wreath or a Christmas flower arrangement may be missed in any seasonally decorated living room. The flower arrangements and wreaths will be on our own ideas, templates, or examples of self-made. The Christmas flower arrangements are a part of the Christmas decorations and will be appropriately decorated with colors and style. As a basis for the Advent wreath arrangement is a straw or a plug-in foam ring. With one or four candles, dried fruits, cinnamon sticks and ribbons, is festively decorated, the arrangement or wreath.

The Christmas lights outside the house consists of chains, which light up the entrance. At the front door is appropriate for the Christmas decorating a wreath with cones and a big red bow. A life-size plastic snowman greets guests. In Hausfl.r the banister with a pine garland is festively decorated. In the living room-corridor a glass vase stands with pine boughs. The branches are festively decorated with Christmas tree balls. A decorative fabric on the window sill Snow, sisal and artificial snow icicles give also a wintry atmosphere.

The Christmas table decorations can be designed according to their own ideas. Very popular for the Christmas table decoration are table runners, table, tablecloth with Christmas ribbons and motifs. Color-matching napkins and candles may not be festively decorated for the missing panel. Serves as a floral wreath or poinsettia garland, which is placed lengthwise on the table. Streudeko of wood, felt or birch, is loosely distributed in the form of angel, snowflake or star on the table.

The Christmas tree is a major part of Christmas. No Christmas decorations without decorated Christmas tree. For decorating, and decorating the Christmas tree, used balls made of glass or plastic. Christmas ornaments made of plastic can be used for decoration inside and out. Christbaumkugeln hanger to facilitate the attachment of decorative balls. The most popular colors for Christmas and the Christmas decorations are gold, red and silver. Alternatively, can be selected for the lighting real candles or a candlelight vigil. For more Christmas decoration include angels, snowflakes and stars made of wood, paper or straw.

Floor heating -underfloor heating

The new construction or renovation of old buildings in a one raises again the question:
what is to be installed for Heating?

It can be simple radiators, as well as underfloor heating. Those who can not decide, should best be compared both systems simply by them and to provide all the pros and cons into account.

And to know when planning the heater you have, select the type of heating system you.
Plant someone a heat pump, it is advisable to combine this with the underfloor heating to strictly. Such devices Underfloor heating generate a lower flow temperature than the gas or oil. The new construction, there is the possibility of the pipes for the underfloor heating in the floor to relocate immediately.

In floor heating, the radiated heat is much more comfortable than the radiators.
It is by underfloor heating so that the heat from the ground feet first heated, then it slips on the body more slowly upward. In the radiators, the heat flows upward and is now more than warm the head and not the feet or the body. And it will cut about in-floor heating, the room temperature by two degrees. This is a great advantage because it brings an energy saving of about 10 percent. When material comparison between radiator and floor heating in terms of cost, there is no special difference -the underfloor heating is more expensive.

Underfloor heating seems to some to be too complicated, but it is not. A hot water heater must produce. It is then up to promote Manifold. The heating coils of the rooms are fitted in such Manifold. Each heating circuit has a servo motor which is connected to the room thermostat. The room controller plays an important role: he reports that a given temperature was not reached, the servo motor in the heating circuit immediately opens the heating circuit. Now, the warm water flows through the heating coils. If using a bathroom radiator, you should run it electrically, because the inlet temperature of underfloor heating is not quite enough. The full heating capacity of the radiator can not be achieved.

A montage of floor heating is not a problem, and you for yourself is pretty straightforward. But it is advisable to check the work on the underfloor heating system by an experienced fitter.
The material for floor heating, any order for the plumbing and heating wholesalers or on the Internet. Locally one can always seek advice at a heating contractor.

What happens if the underfloor heating needs to be cleaned?

Due to corrosion and electrical heating elements are produced in old dirt. And it restricts the flow to one of the pipelines. The old plastic pipes are also diffusionsundicht. The heating water can absorb oxygen, which then reacts with steel components of boiler, distribution system or pipes. And the oxygen diffusion causes the following: it may become loose particles, which were later deposited into existing plastic piping. Whether it comes to such a process is easily recognized by a discoloration of the tubes.

The required heat is transported through the medium of water. In a restricted section is missing the amount of heat. The underfloor heating works then of course, can not, however, the necessary amount of heat to be transported. First, a reduction of heat transfer. That falls to a lower a room temperature. Is this to be compensated, this will increase the supply temperature. And now costs are rising. To avoid this, the underfloor heating should be timely cleaned. Not doing so, there is a closure of the heating circuit.

Kitchen Renovation -5 Steps to a dream kitchen!

Learn how to effectively modernize your kitchen & cheap!

Your kitchen has the best years are behind him? The drawers do
not close and the electrical appliances are more 'grandmother
generation'? Here you will find 5 tips to renovate your kitchen to

Kitchen front renewed: Old kitchen is like new!

You miss your kitchen a new color: There is a flexible front-
modules that fit in any kitchen cupboard / brand -just find on the internet offering "cuisine front-modules".
Kitchen Renovation Example Your old foundation is replaced by the new covering a fresh look of your choice . The hardest thing here is the color of the new fronts! Tip: Warm color tones (eg, reddish-brown & orange tones) have a stimulating and awaken the joy of cooking and eating!

Countertop share: Small effort, big impact.
With a different countertop give your kitchen a new look. As an alternative to the classical particle board as natural stone countertops offer sensational life, natural wood worktops provide a warm, cozy look. It is surprising not only the great variety of patterns, colors and finishes, but also the different combinations and mounting options. So get started now!

Really save money with a new dishwasher electricity.
Modern dishwashers consume compared to older models, only one third of the current quarter and the amount of water. So that you protect the environment and your wallet! Whether single household or extended family, including the amount of dishes should be considered in the selection -it's worth it!

With modern ventilation system to ensure clean air.
New exhaust systems come in many different designs and materials. Turn your old fume hood is a piece of jewelry. The often perceived as disruptive noise was substantially reduced in new equipment. Inform yourself and surprise yourself that everything is possible!

Kitchen facelift -the entire kitchen renovation from a pro
Kitchens Jansen from Cologne is the best professional for kitchen renovation, kitchen modernization and kitchen modifications. The total reconstruction of your kitchen will be jointly planned with you and implemented as a total package for them.

Sunscreen: awnings, blinds and slats

There are several solar devices, which also protect any other purpose
except to meet prior to the suns.

Sunscreen is not the same sun

Sun there can be in many different forms. Although there are chemical means to the sun such as skin creams, but this text is primarily about the physical facilities for sun protection.
There are awnings and an awning, which placed it outside in the garden, on the terrace or balcony. marquees are often seen in cafes and beer gardens.

Then there are devices for sun protection for the rooms. The devices include awnings, louvres, shutters, blinds and Pleated. Blinds and shutters are available for interior and exterior.
The shutters and blinds provide burglary protection, blinds, heat and sound insulation.
Both are very similar in structure and consist of horizontal slats which can be high with
an endless cord, and pull down. The other sun protection devices pleats, blinds and louvres are installed inside and offer besides sun even blinds.

If we now want to buy a sunscreen, one has to note that fulfill these functions and whether the window is created for it. In many apartments as landlords forbid that shutters be installed, because too much during the assembly must be rebuilt. It is also often the drilling ban in the window frame. You need to know before you buy even if the sun is obscured only or should be a privacy screen. Information on individual sunscreen devices can be read on various news portals.

Pool deck tile - Design ideas & Safety tips

One hot summer day is a swimming pool in your backyard, make
you the envy of the neighborhood. But to really impress the
neighbors, tiles showcase your backyard oasis with pool deck tile,
or PVC.

The can be used as one or tile deck waterproofing system under
your tiled floor above as waterproofing system raincoat over his
deck tile. This creates attractive ceiling tiles for a floor is a deep,
while dry. In this way you can show the beautiful wood surface
there upper deck, unlike other waterproofing systems cover up
the original area of your deck tile.

Under deck waterproofing is accompanied by a vinyl roof of an
existing base in the Platform. This system was created by a fan
installed in minutes. The system consists of parts that are easy
to install and cut. The system gives your vinyl roof of corrugated
appearance. Water and other fluids from the upper deck tile
opened diverted into canals and quickly sent on their way.
Seamless gutter downspouts can be fast and direct use of
fluids away from home.

Let's face concrete pool deck tile with all the good looks of a city sidewalk.
Desk tile roof pool is a way for the concrete and enter a garden ITS
polished look and feel without the cost of building a platform.

Pool deck tiles are in a variety of colors and patterns that are the most popular wood patterns. In general, the timber in a polymer base for stability and longevity will be encouraged.
To accommodate the curvature of a circular pool, pictures of the square and cut with a jigsaw can be measured.

Another popular choice to bear on pool deck concrete patio paint is. Many manufacturers offer paint colors that are recommended for pool decks. Some of the main advantages of the painting are the pool deck:

  • UV Protection: Protects paint your deck tile, pool deck of the strong rays of the sun and the damage it can cause in recent years.
  • Weather protection: The rain and harsh temperatures skills on the front pages of all kinds hard. Strings keep away from the surface elements.
  • Appearance: Indoor color comes in a variety of colors, it can be customized to match your home and furnishings.
  • Slip surface: If you are running around children, it's a good idea to get a picture of the pool deck tile, which has properties that do not choose to skid. Otherwise, you can paint with sand or the mixture before use pumice stone.

Most paintings are acrylic pool deck tile, and clean water.
Both solutions are cost effective and durable, handyman and do not are too difficult for your average. To perform a search for a very clean professional look that can work quickly and easily. Anyway pool deck tile or pool deck paint will keep your pool terrace overlooking beautiful for years to come.