Decorating tips: With the fire through the winter

Create a nice atmosphere for the winter.

Winter need not be bleak. If you're setting yourself comfortable at home, you also like to spend time. Get inspired and try setting up some tips a try.

For about two weeks, it is Nice atmosphere with a fireplace. autumn.
The trees shine with great colors and the first walk in the winter coat behind us. It begins at the time when you come to rest and enjoy it to come home and make yourself comfortable. Late at night you go no more to his favorite Italian restaurant to eat quickly or a portion of noodles. Rather, we would draw on his favorite couch and simply not something. Decorate his home for the dark season is not difficult. A few autumn flowers in red and orange on hold. The flower boxes or pots herrichten with new plants and already has a new atmosphere on the inner mood. It should be beautiful once again spend more time in your own four walls.

Nothing expresses more comfort, an open fire. The fire is romantic to some but not easy to get into the apartment. Few have a chimney connector. So it's really nice that it gives bioethanol fireplaces. These come in many different variants. Whether a simple glass jar, which burns a flame, and is easy on the sideboard space or modern stainless steel fireplace that is placed against the wall, everything is possible. Of course, this variant is not so great when are young children in the house. Open fire is always a risk. But if something is paying attention, this may be the real highlight of furnishing element in your home.

Also, you do not need to install it firmly. To remain flexible and be able to fire again after the winter store. And for the Practice of us they are also good. Make great things clean and dispose of ashes also deleted.
Seek advice well, especially on what you should pay attention to in dealing with bio-ethanol.

In the winter. With the new device tips, you create the feel-good atmosphere with very simple means.
Be creative and try it out.

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