Housebroken guaranteed to succeed?

Young dogs seem especially from a lot of liquid to exist.

In the first few weeks, sometimes months, you are permanently busy in the Hogfather with the dog under his arm running from the house and outside, then praise him for a simple step, as he deserved the Nobel Prize. If something goes wrong, that's for sure, it's always human error:
puppies have a tiny bladder and can not stop -depending on the breed to create a lot of young dogs reliably from the sixth, seventh month. Housebroken, but they should already be well in advance.

Because it contributes to innate behavior of puppies one to make their business outside the living area, it is
our task to show where the living area. Quite simple really! If you have a very good breeder, you will
probably now have a puppy that is house trained already, or at least almost. For all other times, I'll show
shortly, as the small and large business as running! How do you get house-trained a puppy?

The basic rules you should remember that in the dog training puppies, your boy should never be punished, if
he ever makes a little stream running into the apartment. Especially in this initial phase of the human-dog
relationship can be very serious disruption to this by imagining the case that the puppy gets in front of a fear.
The better way would be to completely wipe off to the puddle without comment. If the puppy just preparing
to run to the brook, you should grab him behind the front legs, and take high. Almost automatically rolls up
the rear one of the puppy and the stream dried up. How to bring the house-trained puppy.

Now you can bring the puppy outside and then he can do his business. Has been successful, of course, he
gets a goodies.

Of course, you should remember a few guidelines so you do not often get their feet wet:
. Every two hours, the puppy needs to get out
. After eating the puppy needs to get out
. After drinking of course
. After waking up
. After playing
. And whenever the puppy is restless

If you praise the dog training puppy every time he does his business outside, it will very quickly move with
the housebreaking. If you have problems but at night, tie yourself to a string around her wrist, which you
attach the collar of the puppy. Once the puppy is restless, you may notice it and go with him to the door.

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