Dishwasher: The modern kitchen queen

Well, that times have changed!

Dirty dishes with leftover food, empty chip bags, drink glasses with debris, and on the table in the living room still plenty of bowls with traces of dips and nibbles. Sounds like a job? As bad as it's not! One can wash LEAVE.

Many households have a dishwasher would be all but indispensable. Certainly, before there were such articles, people have managed, even in large families, their dishes with more or less difficulty. However, people's lives over the years, including through extensive globalization and emancipation and become more stressful.

In many families, men and women come until the evening from work to home. Housework, which originally settled the woman while the man went about his work, has broken down. And then wash off after a stressful day yet? Reluctantly. This then usually there is a lack of time and motivation. Not for nothing now, nearly 70 percent of all households have a dishwasher. And this is no longer regarded solely as a labor savings. Through an ambitious research and international cooperation with these helpers, we save money. Although some would like to believe it, the traditional hand washing is twice as expensive as a wash with the machine. This costs us an efficient device for about 35 cents.

The dishwasher that exist today, buy on the market, however, is hardly comparable to that which brought the Miele 80 years ago on the market. As the first device of its kind on the continent. At that time could only particularly well-situated people can afford such a device, or holders of at most restaurants. From a saving in electricity and water could not be discussed. Today we have the choice between different washes. Glasses are perfectly clean, for example, with a special cleaning program. Express Program to shorten the washing time. There are compromises to be accepted, however, with cleanliness and consumption. As energy and
water prove to be slightly longer wash cycles to bring the shine at lower temperatures and minimize water use for the dishes.

Just as convenient as the dishwasher, the washing done unpleasant, can be found online at various Internet stores such as the bn-shop about matching equipment, special offers, and the possibilities and find out the efficiency of the machine. Is a lengthy walk through all the shops that specialize in Dish is not an inevitable prerequisite. Internet shops also provide telephone consultation opportunities with uncertainties and questions.

We must now look forward to no more after a nice evening with friends, a great mountain dishes, waiting to be laboriously washed by hand. Although we still have to clear away the tables and sort the dirty dishes into the machine. The washing and drying, but we declined, fortunately.

Japanese Paper networks to share rooms

room dividers made of handmade Japanese paper

Large spaces often seem uncomfortable and restless. In order to create smaller, clear areas that
are half-height shelves and cabinets placed as a room divider -often with the disadvantage that the furniture occupy much space and take away too much light.

The idea of a room divider of Japanese Washi Paper Craft Manufactory Hayashi in Mino is to divide space optical sections, without isolating them. Free-swinging, pull the light nets of Japan Handmade paper (washi) the eye and thus protect the Beyond.

Now what contributes to the fascinating effect of this simple room divider? "It is not only the mesh look that draws attention to itself. It is enveloping the material itself countless fine Japanese paper mulberry bast fibers of the web of woolen yarn and more time to fill out the spaces sometimes less. Translucent light is refracted as varied greatly and can create a very harmonious overall effect, "says Manager of KUMO Lifestyle GmbH, Claudia Moser, who distributes exclusively to your business Hayashi products.

Hayashi is able to manufacture room divider networks in a size of up to 3 x 4 meters. In this case, 10 paper champions needed to the huge dive with wool yarn-covered frame into the paper fiber pelvis. A process which itself is the traditional company Hayashi spectacle.

Washi room divider by Hayashi are in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, exclusively marketed by the company KUMO Lifestyle GmbH in Frankfurt,

Sun protection offers more than sun and shade

On almost all the sun protective glazing may subsequently be laid. Sun and UV protection with foil. Cost and effective.

Ordinary glass is not only light but also heat by radiation from the sun into the rooms. Are very problematic in the South, West and roof glazing. Here offer a good protection sunscreen glazing or shading systems. External blinds, awnings and solar control films are very effective.
They block the radiation from the sun before or on the glass.

Sun protection

Of all the solar systems, sun protection is changing the overall appearance of the building was usually the least and is certainly an effective, durable and cost effective solution. The sunscreen with sun protection should be done with as bright, reflective films and not with dark, highly absorbing films in order to reject as much solar energy. Dark, highly absorbing films give the absorbed heat mainly on to the glass. They reflect very little.

The construction of a sun protection

The construction of a modern, high quality sun protective film consists of at least 6 layers. a) transparent protective film b) adhesive layer with UV absorbers c) clear or tinted polyester film with UV absorbers d) Aluminiumbedampfung (or other metals) e) clear polyester film f) scratch-resistant coating

The Sun

The rejection of the total solar energy, depending on the of foil up to about 80% of the glass reduced radiation. Sun protection offers a large reduction of sunlight into the rooms relieved that the air conditioning system reduces energy costs, more costly fading of furniture styles, etc. The sun slides have a UV protection of about 99%. Also offers a mirrored sun protection for protection from prying eyes during the day and provides a very attractive design. Unlike other solar systems, solar films are easy to assemble. There are no specific knowledge and tools needed to live a normal house window to coat. The sun protective liner is placed on the glass all year round. The cleaning of the windows remain, such as standard glass. Through the scratch-resistant coating sunscreen foils are stain-resistant and easy to clean. Even "light" solar films that are hardly recognizable to create the panes of glass one on radiation reduced by almost 50% and also have a UV protection of over 99%.

Teflon coated sun protection

There are even Teflon coated films for solar roof area in which a cleaning of the film as good as no longer necessary. The dirt can not be held liable by the Teflon coating and is washed away with the next rain. Prior to the acquisition of Solar Films you should seek advice from a specialist company in detail. At today's modern glass there are many different Solar Films. Many shades and variations, and almost every need for a solution.

The durability

With the right film you will achieve a very high sun protection and have many years on a very effective and durable protection. The durability of a premium-quality foil is placed inside at about 15 to 20 years. Outside, at 10 to 15 years (depending on installation method header or vertical) without the serious, the film loses its power. The film can also be re-residue removed and replaced with a new one. The expensive replacement of glass or other solar systems, etc. deleted.

Where do the films?

The greatest works of sunscreen films are available in the U.S.. Leading the market is the company LLumar. The most modern film plant is located in India and supplies under the name "Garware sun slides and many other feature films.

Metal beds - not only stable but also clean!

If the purchase of mattresses and bedding sets already on hypoallergenic materials, which should also decide on the choice of the associated bed frame for a bed made of metal.

For all lovers of massive furniture and sturdy materials offer themselves Metallbettenbestens. No matter how strong the load of bunk, metal beds rather than stand up to beds or sofas made of wood or plastic. Metal beds are not only more robust than comparable models from other materials, but they are also usually much easier and better integrate into a variety of body situations.

While being trapped in the pores of a harsh, artificial surfaces like dirt and bacteria, is a smooth metal, the best and most hygienic way to protect themselves and their health. But this concerns not only man-made materials, but also many wood surfaces. These can quickly settle dirt particles that may persist in the health of the user's strong and durable. Who in the purchase of mattresses and bedding sets already on hypoallergenic materials, which should also decide on the choice of the associated bed frame for a bed made of metal.

Metal beds are not only less vulnerable to contaminants in themselves, they can also clean better and faster, if there should ever come to an unwanted contamination of the land. While with wooden beds, can do as with all wooden furniture, alone even when choosing the type of wood and the wood color gross errors are Metallbettennahezu combine them with every facility. The smooth surfaces can usually bring the best with any kind of other types of furniture and home furnishings in a stylish and suitable connection. Metal is also a very long, durable material, which guarantees a long service life of metal beds and will ensure that the next generation of the budget will still have some fun in this type of sleeping space.

Double vanity in the bathroom

What you can do to savor every day, enjoy life

Double basin In our company, founded in 1997 Buecker GmbH today we serve customers
in over 15 countries. They are active in the community, industry, commerce and services. In
particular, national and international corporations rely on us and our products and services.

The task is to implement our software solutions that make all processes in the organization, production or maintenance of rational, effective and transparent. What you can do to savor each day, enjoy life and to fully realize your own four walls? It's simple: Think positive, you do for your physical and mental well-being and create a home where you can relax your mind.

The easybad team will support you in implementing your wellness oasis with advice and practical help. For the ultimate in comfort in the bathroom, we recommend a double vanity. Whether as a couple or family -a double vanity provides the space for double Waschvergn.gen.Dabei you can benefit from our extensive range. The shape of our diversity ranges from avant-garde sinks to the purist reduction to the essentials. But they have one thing in common: they offer enough space to leave in the morning to care for pleasure. We cater for all tastes the corresponding double vanity. The range is versatile and enthusiastic with high quality and individual design.

As a direct eye-catcher in your bathroom, you can integrate the double vanity of your choice so harmoniously into the overall picture of your bathroom that it suits your requirements and the overall style of your bathroom is perfectly adapted. The bath thus becomes the representative living-playing habitat, in which personal style and the pursuit of an authentic lifestyle, the main roles. You specify the setting in which you feel comfortable. Whether warm, soft and calm clear geometric contours -you always opt for design, quality and timeless aesthetic. The double vanity as an expression of sophistication and luxury will certainly enhance the image of your bathroom.

Combine it with the appropriate bathroom furniture and accessories. We are happy to advise you to find the right offer is best for you. In particular, spacious bathrooms require a sophisticated and harmonious design and furnishings. A modern double vanity is both practical and proportion necessary to exploit the available space effectively and meaningfully. The bathroom of today sees itself as a retreat -a spa oasis in your own four walls. Protected and shielded from the stresses of everyday life. And it offers the benefit of a bathroom that gives you pleasure at living and your quality of life just improved. The path to greater wellness leads to
us. Easybad! The spa at its best.

The garden is fun - tips and info for the living room in the Open

Living in the open now is at a premium, especially for garden and balcony owners prefer to spend every spare minute in their greenery. Therefore turn in June, both Theme
specials around the outdoor living pleasure. In its "Garden Tips" Nature lovers will find all kinds of useful and interesting facts about the garden itself, from the lawn care about plants and
equipment up to the grill after work fun.

Balmy summer evenings on the private terrace, surrounded by nice people and just the furniture and materials that reflect the unique lifestyle the best. A wish that is more and more people at the top of the list. In Topic Special "terrace and garden paths" shows a wealth of opportunities to shape the very personal place in the sun. If it is then become of the once barren cobblestones idyllic lifestyle a welcoming lounge, very nice guests come by itself ...

For the past eleven years offers a compact and sighted subjects, news and information around home and garden. Whether building a house, building, building services or appurtenant to all questions from structural work illuminates up to the homely style of your own home.

Beautiful granite countertops at Home

Granite countertops and custom cabinet fronts

Do you belong to the group of people who live now in almost the usual furniture stores because they always go out there to finally find a nice and especially suitable for cooking at home?
Somehow, no one model is the right thing and as it moves in relatively high pricing spheres, one does not really enter into compromises in terms of their own ideas. Perhaps you want just
an ugly plastic but is waiting to find the perfect granite countertops where you like the vegetables snips or knocking the chops. Or you can dull the colors of the desert fronts simply
not tolerate this and wants to bring some individuality to the room.

The endless days that you are looking in stores for this perfect model, you can ultimately use to tackle it all very differently and to design your own kitchen from scratch yourself. To this end, there are now so few computer programs allow us to create virtually anything and add it together as we would like.

If you are interested in specific things such as granite countertops are particularly interested in the Internet can be especially wonderful collect all the information you need to plan. This material is chosen mainly for the reason it is often because of the quality here is high quality. They want long indeed have something of the dream kitchen, and not after three years so that everything start from scratch to plan. And so that nothing goes wrong and it avoids undue nervous breakdowns as possible is always good when you with questions to an expert to a turned eager to offer advice and practical help is available. Although it may be that you pay on
dese ways but needs a bit more once everything is then you also know that nothing more can happen that might deprive us of the final joy.

Of course one should therefor from the outset an overview of his finances, not just into the blue plan by the end sitting on the mountain costs remain. Granite countertops and custom cabinet fronts have their price and even if you must save to afford the entire package to be able to finally one has at least something to which one can look forward to.

The heater on the roof

With the solar year save money

Not only for electricity generation but also for hot water or heating assistance can be sun's rays on the roof.

An effective technique to harness the free energy of the sun for solar The sunlight on the roof is a solar collector is converted into heat, which is directed via a carrier fluid into a separate memory where it heats the water. solar system on the roof during the summer months, the entire energy demand for hot water for a household: sufficient for the consumption of a four-person household as five square meters of collector area.

Potential savings and other financial incentives

Also on the heating system is best suited. The heating and hot water to cause about 90 percent of domestic energy needs. Here, the high savings potential of environmental technology is clearly visible. Additional financial incentives, offer special programs: For example, the support base during the initial installation of equipment for water heating is on the roof to 40 m. gross collector 60 euro per square meter commenced, and at least 410 euros per unit. With an expanded use of even 105 Euro per square meter will be granted.

The collectors themselves produce in the winter or on cloudy enough heat for domestic use: From April / May to September the plant will provide enough energy even on cloudy days, hot water heating.

Almost invisible technology

Known manufacturers now offer even models that can be integrated easily into the existing structure of the roof. On the roofing level, causing no visual impairment of the solar panels over the roof, which could hurt the overall picture of the house. For careful planning will include the correct installation and in particular the right roof: A southern orientation at an angle from 25 to 60 degrees is recommended.

New luxury in the bathroom

In German toilets more luxury a return

The days of "quiet village" in which the only furniture in the first aid box was are long gone ... thank heavens.

Today, the bathroom has become a place of general well-being and relaxation. It is the room where the morning you greet the new day and prepare for the evening in which we stress the
tortured body to a restful night's sleep. It is the place where you finally have a few minutes all to yourself and what you should then enjoy full. Even on those grounds alone you should
therefore afford a little luxury in the bathroom.

Handcrafted precious bathroom fittings are intended as a good start. It hardly matters whether you're over 6 or has more square meters. Bathroom furniture is now so conceptualized that they themselves can be accommodated in the smallest space. Bathroom Furniture are available in all kinds of designs and materials. Thus, an appropriate gift would be for every personal taste. But one should always pay attention to good workmanship and the newly created bathroom fittings including steam and water repellent.

Especially in the smaller one should make today's common bathrooms in addition to the external beauty and practical functionality of the furniture. They should offer plenty of storage space and an easy to maintain. When buying bathroom furniture should not be petty save, you can always through the use of water saving systems and underfloor heating. And to this small but well-deserved luxury then also should give the final touch you once look at all the beautiful bath accessories.

Massive lights for the garden design

Massive lamps give each garden its own face, for each

Massive lighting give each garden its own face, because anyone who can call his own garden, is keen to ensure that it will appear in a single image. This includes not only the meaningful and
harmonious arrangement of flower beds and possibly a kitchen garden and a play area for children, but also the right lighting.

The variety of different bulbs for the garden is more than great, for in every garden center and also in many hardware stores and on the Internet you can get the most unusual lamps for
outdoor use. When buying a lamp for the garden, you should always make sure that it is also certified for outdoor use. These bulbs have a special isolation of the same cable, so they can
keep all imaginable weather conditions updated. However, massive lights are always a bit higher in price, but what is their durability and weatherability balances quickly.

For the decoration of the garden with a variety of lamps, one should bear in mind that should be placed at certain points of the garden and a functional lighting. For example, in dark corners, where is the trash, or even a bicycle will be parked. Also in the area of terraces, for example, even if there are steps, is a brighter lighting makes sense. Wherever light is actually not necessary, there are various lights. Very nice lights are in ball form, which you can simply put in the middle of a flowerbed. One can even bet on solar-powered lights, then you have to pull for a massive lights no power lines.

Downlights, exactly where you need it

When lights were not so important ..

There are many types of recessed lights. Another type of recessed lighting is often found in large living room cabinets, which contain a display case with or without glass, Here are frequently recessed downlights installed in the cabinet, so that his cabinet decorated beautifully atmospheric lighting can. This creates, especially in the dark months of the year for a very
special atmosphere in the lounge. The cabinet can also be decorated differently depending on the season, if desired. Depending on the particular decoration you choose colored lights, which makes for very individual lighting. Very happy to be used in downlights large closets, or even walk-in closets.

Here is a good lighting is important so that you quickly find the desired garments. Especially in cabinets that are in ill-lit corners of the cabinet lighting is essential. Even more important, built-in lights in walk-in closets, which usually is found in a mirror. Without the right lighting, the dress is not just for fun. Built-in lights of all kinds to get, for example, in lamp stores or even in larger lamp departments of department stores. A further possible application of recessed lighting is provided in offices. Here indeed is to be provided for consistent lighting, but without the blinding light onto the computer screens.

Here are Downlights quite well, because you can install them there, where they are needed and place them on request, even covertly, that one of the radiators themselves do not see anything, but the office has nevertheless always have enough light. If you are not sure about the built-in lights for that purpose are best, is best discussed at a store. Again, the professional staff of the department store company are available so may be provided for each problem. With built-in lights can combine space savings with good lighting.

Being outside and yet protected

Inspection and sun 'Shadow Plus' with new tissue visutex

Who does not enjoy it as much as possible during the summer to spend outside -on a spacious
terrace and a lovely balcony. Especially when the "green" living room radiates comfort and stylish comfort. In such an environment you can comfortably relax. This naturally includes a matching sun, who donates not only shade, but highlights the cozy atmosphere and makes your stay in the open air through sophisticated features even more enjoyable. For example, a flexibly usable, vertical blinds.

Vision and sun protection "Shade Plus" with new tissue visutex

Who does not enjoy it as much as possible during the summer to spend outside -on a spacious terrace and a lovely balcony. Especially when the "green" living room radiates comfort and stylish comfort. In such an environment you can relax. This naturally includes a matching sun, who donates not only shade, but highlights the cozy atmosphere and stay in the open by sophisticated functions are still enjoyable. For example, a flexibly usable, vertical blinds.

Shadow Plus: The awning in the Marquee

The function of the shadow of markilux Plus offers an elegant and practical solution: an awning into the awning. For about two yards of cloth can be continuously vertically exit. The system is housed in the front profile of the awning. In addition to a manual crank drive is optional and a convenient solution with engine and radio remote control. Shadow Plus not only protects against low incoming solar radiation but also from prying eyes or light winds. And when it is cooler outside at night, provides the additional awning also helps make the heat of the day a little more remains. This allows a beautiful summer evening on a terrace or balcony to extend a little longer.

visutex: New textile fabrics with optical surface

An attractive new feature is the shadow plus the tissue visutex exclusive collection of the current signature. The Plain-looking cloth woven with colored yarn has a visually textile structure. Among its special features include its color brilliance and silky transparency. The fabric is available in the colors light green, beige, gray, light gray and yellow. Fits this, there are four colored fine-grained striped awning fabric designs for the actual selection. Combined together to highlight Plus in the pleasant shade awnings with ease and with simple elegance the character of an additional living space outdoors.

The best professional tips: window cleaning made easy!

Ratings fast and clean window cleaning

Every year -at least at the beginning of the spring season is no way around it: the windows need to be urgently cleaned! Of rain, pollen and bird dirty discs are finally no more alluring sight. As it is -want to or not -ran to the cleaning! In order to keep seeing the result then as long as possible.

1. The right helpers:
Despite a variety of alternatives, the classic method is with water, detergent and squeegee remains among experts as the best. An ideal utensil to clean the glass is suitable on the one hand a soft, lint-free cloth or a wash-leather, the other a non-abrasive sponge. Normally clear, soft water as possible goes to clean the window panes completely. A tip of the experts: A few drops of dishwashing liquid to soften hard water! In any case, you should not use hot water because many cleaning agents will lose their effect. Furthermore, we should give only later additions into the water, otherwise it foams too much.

2. Here's how:
To prevent damage to the window glass, the glass should not, directly with silicon yet to come into contact with other chemical products that contain abrasive particles. For the soaping of the disc should be a simple sponge, with which the glass is washed schlangenlinienf.rmig from top left to bottom right. Excess water is then easily removed with a squeegee or chamois leather. Finally, one should not remove the window with a microfiber cloth and wipe any residual moisture from the corners and from the window.

Although the polishing with newspaper and a well-tried agents, but the ink often leaves unsightly marks on window sill, and under stress, Better is a chamois leather, which is rinsing
after cleaning Ideally, in warm salt water and slightly auswringt so it is not hard. And one more tip for last: Even if it does, perhaps more fun to clean with sunshine, one should not necessarily take in the blazing sun to a sponge and chamois leather. Otherwise occur during drying quickly, the famous ugly streaks -and all efforts were in vain!

Beds and mattresses to choose correctly

Good beds are extremely important for a restful sleep.

Choosing the right bed is not an easy choice. Earlier decision was made much easier since there were few models, and luxury in this area was not yet commonplace. Today we know a lot of different models, sizes, colors and shapes of beds, so that the final choice is often times difficult.
We will advise you on beds and mattresses, so sleep is a complete success and can be started well rested the next day.

For choosing the right bed, you should take some time. Finally, you may want to spend a few years or decades in that bed and sleep comfortably. Poor sleep, uncomfortable beds, means dissatisfaction, and may impose on a spoil the whole day. Prevent this from happening, we recommend you fit especially when you buy the mattress too. The right mattress should be a good choice, because as mattresses, beds primarily by crossings are essential for comfort during sleep. Although our mattresses have been known for hundreds of years, have only shown the last few years, as we are actually able to sleep comfortably. Popular models are made of latex and foam mattresses. Both versions offer similar ease of use, but they are different difficulty.
Foam mattresses are especially suitable for larger beds, because they have a relatively low weight and are very point elastic. Therefore, each body area is an ideal spring-loaded and there can be no harm, as in earlier spring mattresses.

Very important is that mattresses are divided into different layers, which together will provide a pleasant feeling, and incidentally, to air and moisture are well-drained, so that no unwanted smells and create a foothold in the material.

Swimming in your own garden

The construction of a separate pool in the garden is growing in popularity.

Most people standing in the profession to seek more than one time a swimming pool on the weekend. How nice would it be if we had the pool right in your own garden, which can be used after hours on your mood. But scare the cost of a swimming pool probably the most away from such thoughts.

This one has already cost some of the ways to build a swimming pool, especially when making the preparations to themselves. What needs to be accurately made in the swimming pools, one will find the manufacturer of homebuilt systems. If you have chosen his pelvis, is oneself need to worry about digging the hole. Mini Excavators are ideal and this may be a rental for a day or more hired. The costs are roughly at 130 euros a day. Thereafter, the side walls are brick for the pool and then isolated. For this you can use the best materials from the tree market.

After the tank is delivered and used. Still lacks the major swimming pool equipment for water purification. This is important to liberate the water continuously from dirt. How can develop fewer pathogens and harmful bacteria and germs.

The technique consists of three trades, the soil suction, the skimmer and the nozzle. The skimmer is a device that sucks the water from the surface and squeeze by pumping into a sand filter. The purified water is passed through inlet nozzle back into the pool. Thus, a water circulation system is made without loss.

Who wants and does not shrink from the energy, or can afford them, can also be installed a heating system. Thus, the water is also in the cooler season still pleasantly warm. An even cheaper alternative to permanently installed swimming pools are positionable. These are available in different sizes, including those where you can swim. The advantages are that you have to do any major preparations. One does not need a pit for embedding of the basin, because it is simply placed on a flat surface.

Anyone with a swimming pool in the garden are still not satisfied, which can still add their own wellness through a sauna. The sauna building there are numerous options, such as the construction of a garden sauna. The garden sauna can be visually very well integrated into the pool area.