Modern planters and their use in gardens and terraces

For plant-lovers have always raises the question:
Which one is best for my green flower pot?

The history of the planter and flower pot goes back to ancient times.
Even then, people used planters in various designs.
Proved Flower pot made of fiberglass by EastWest to be particularly
creative in Renaissance Italy, where the flower tubs have been artfully designed.

This raises for plant-lovers today as it used the same question: What is
greenery in the flower boxes and planters? And what is the right planter
-up, down, square? What material should be the flower pot, terracotta
and zinc, because after more and more modern forms and materials to
conquer the gardens and terraces. East West Trading Company
as a leading supplier of modern planters specializes mainly on flower pot
made of fiberglass -and that in many sizes and colors.

The advantages are obvious: flower pot made of fiberglass are lightweight,
will not rust like zinc and are very durable and weather resistant.
As an ideal plant for flower tubs made of fiberglass has been
the all-rounder book. Because of the lush dark green of the leaves are
added to black and white planters, and forms a beautiful contrast.
Paper can also be cut into different shapes: ball is the usual method,
but also pointed cones or figures (with wire frame!) Are possible.
Another advantage of the book is: The leaves are evergreen and
the plant is priced cheap.

But of course, gardeners are set in their choice of greens no bounds.
For high flower pot is ideal volumes, such as ferns or grasses.
Low planters are pretty effective when they are loaded with palm trees,
Leander, citrus trees and olive trees. To thrive in shaded and
partially shaded squares planters made of fiberglass magnificent
hydrangeas, hosta and fuchsias. And large flower pot can be filled with
a mix of flowering and evergreen plants.

Another tip for the winter: When used as a flower pot planter pot are, etc.
can be placed instead of cold-sensitive plants, nice flower arrangements
from hardy pine branches -especially to represent the Christmas season a
festive accent.

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