A garden shed build themselves

to build the arbor is preparing the A and O. Anyone who forgets little things
at first,at the end are huge problems.

Spring is just around the corner, flowers begin to
sprout, and people are going back out into the
countryside. Anybody who has a private garden, then
edit again begins to flower beds, pulling weeds and lie
in the sun.

Quite a fewgarden friends are so well equipped that they would have their own garden -it as a
storage device or as an additional lounge area in the countryside. The construction of a garden is especially popular with DIY enthusiasts who build their house themselves. But just this preparation should take as seriously as the construction. Otherwise, the Traumbau can quickly become a nightmare.

You should first be sure that you have found a suitable site for the construction of the house. It is important that the surface is flat and not too soft. If this is not the case, later building a foundation for quickly frustrated. Because in this case would have to be dug very deep and the soil should be leveled with a lot of expensive concrete.

Having found its place, one should dare to take on perhaps the most important step: the building permit. This costs around € 50-100 and can be applied in the local building department. Without them it can happen that a neighbor a little enthusiastic about this that just recently built house again forced to demolish. Although a building permit is not required for every building, but it pays to be informed in order to respond no risk.

Finally, the cost of work on the foundation should not be underestimated. To this end, an area with the dimensions of the base at a depth of about 30cm should be excavated. The resulting hole is about half with gravel and then filled with concrete and finally paved. So here again costs incurred that do not appear first on the bill.

Only then can the enthusiastic DIYers to build his house without making later a disappointing experience. The construction of the house are often designed to be relatively easy -especially when one has bought prefabricated building sets. So who wants to buy one garden should enroll online information about relevant offers.

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