The bathing season 2010 is just around the corner!

In preparing for the new season it is important to the proper planning and implementation.
Only then the fun factor is guaranteed.

Even if the weather does not cause the past few weeks the thought of swimming in their pool, so the 2010 season is still in the starting blocks.

Every pool owner knows the problem from previous years. Only the weather is still bad and you can not really think of the spring awakening of his pool and suddenly the weeks have passed, spring is here, and start the new season beginnt.Um well prepared for the new season will require it again the right planning and preparation.

What is important here?
First is the focus, thoroughly clean the tank and remove the dirt accumulated over the winter. Therefore, one
should be emptied at regular intervals, the pools, and even completely cover the walls and floor of the pool
with a special cleaner. It is possibly to pay attention to rising groundwater, which can eventually lead to
damage. Through this cleaning can be easily and effectively remove dirt and lime deposits. In addition to the
cleaning of the pool is also constantly cleaning the pool cover a topic. Right here are deposited algae and
lime, as these areas are particularly exposed to the sun and the weather. There are special cleaners
depending Abdeckungstyp.

Regarding the water is a particular focus on the sand filter basket. This should be changed depending on the
contamination at regular intervals. It is made usually from about 3 to 5 years.
In addition to filtering the technsichen equipment for the water attractions, such as check and countercurrent
jets, too. To illuminate the best in the new season to the pool, the underwater light bulbs to review
and possibly replace.

Finally, the stocks of water resources should be reviewed and replenish accordingly. Basic equipment should
be regarded as chlorine, pH regulation, seaweed resources, flocculant, pool testers. For all questions relating
to your swimming pool competent and helpful Bauer available.

PS: It is also to think about the expansion of the existing swimming pool technology. Especially in recent
years, heat pumps are all the rage and ensure constant water in the pool.

Advantages of bio ethanol fireplace

Learn more about the advantages of New Zealand Education bio ethanol fireplace

Bio ethanol fireplaces have long enjoyed under fire lovers growing in popularity. Is putting up a real chimney for space creasons or because of a updates. lack of smoke or missing timber deduction option available is to purchase a bio ethanol fireplace a good and cheap alternative.

This, sometimes portable fire pit there, living rooms, a particularly flair, provides warmth, security and a little campfire romanticism.Nevertheless, an ethanol fireplace should never be operated without supervision. Bio ethanol fireplaces consist mainly of glass as a material, in combination with precious metal. Stylish and decorate them apart as a wall in the living room, a niche in the alcove, or as the freely placeable models, even the middle of a room. Bioethanol fireplaces contribute through design for themselves and give their owners a special flair.

The fuel ethanol burns odorless. Every application includes most of an initial quantity of bioethanol for the
first operation of the fireplace. During the firing process creates no smoke. Bioethanol burns without residue.
Thus, the troublesome accounts for the disposal of ash after burning. The lively flames, and is aesthetically
pleasing to the eye to behold.

Ethanol fireplaces have a wide range of accessories. These include a fuel tank made of stainless steel can
have different forms. The fire extinguisher is a very important accessory when the flame prematurely, before
consumption of the fuel from the fuel tank to be deleted. The execution of the fire extinguisher is a little
larger than the respective fuel tanks. So the fire can be smothered in seconds by the withdrawal of air.

In addition, the bio ethanol fireplace can be beautifully decorated and truly deceptive. The illusion of a real
fire can be quite real conveys. Often the viewer is the difference to a wood fire on at all. To burn the
containers can be bundled or grouped themselves in nature, found stones or pebbles. Commercially available
ceramic timber. Ceramic timber consists of individual logs, which are deceptively imitated real ceramic.
Ceramic timber is offered in different colors and designs, and is heat resistant. The smaller alternative to an
ethanol fireplace is a table, a fireplace, these are ideal for a beautiful table decoration.

A garden grows

Quite a few nature-loving people to lie down beside a garden pavilion.

The house is newly built, the garden still a brown wasteland. Now, in winter, everything inside was finished, the spring comes slowly and you want to enjoy the garden, handsome and as an
extension of the living room. The forms of plants and flower beds are quickly determined, it's missing is a center. A seat in the middle of the garden, you do not want to always sit on the
terrace while enjoying the beautiful weather. But a little protection, it should then still be, be it from sun rays or rain drops. For a cabin space is too low, however, they would standing in the middle of the meadow, take the children the space to play and adults to view.

Also it should be remembered forever, as the garden should generally be designed. The shape of flower beds, plantings, pots, and later perhaps of trees is not supposed to be disturbed. A nice idea is created regardless of how the garden is a garden pavilion. Due to the variety of offerings to fit the protected seat on both the garden like a purse. Because there are stable structures
made of wood with thatched roof, the Asia seem easy pavilions, decorated in Art Nouveau style cast iron poles on which in summer is a lightweight awning stretched. The area often varies.

From a square of five, six, or octagon, there are ways, round pavilion with a curved roof can decorate the garden. Which style is preferred by adults and children, can be determined using brochures or exhibitions in the building and garden centers, the inventory may be provided by the manufacturer.

With a private pool for your backyard pool

information for the successful planning ofa local Pools & Pool Accessories

You want to fulfill at last the desire fora pool in your backyard? But even before construction
has to take some considerations. But what is the correct pool? Do I need accessories such as
a pool cover? First, youconsider howmuch space you have available, what form should have the pool and from what materials it should exist. Each pool needs to be built on a smooth and solid ground. Below area few variants.

Choose the right location

Most suitable is of course the south side. Ideally, the pool is not in close proximity to trees, because that saves a lot of work in the pool cleaning. It is advisable to select the location so that connections for power and water in the vicinity. However, you should choose the place so that it blends harmoniously into the surroundings, because of the additional facilities ofa pool cover, it may under some circumstances, bulky and obstruct the view.

Choose the right size

The size of your desired pool is first and foremost, of course, depends on the available space. Ideally, you have plenty of space and can access a pool of conventional standard size, for example, 12mx 4,5 m x 1,50 m. Duch, the choice of a standard size, you can save not only the pool but also in a majority of pool accessories.

The forms

Depending on available space and you may choose, you can choose between these different forms: the classic rectangular pool, Ovalbecken, the circular tank and the Achtformbecken. Your Enstcheidung you should make depends on your bathing habits. Sporting swimmers to become more like an elongated orbits can move to pool access to lovers of the more relaxed water fun for a round or Ovalbecken.

The material

The main materials are plastic, concrete and steel. In some pools you must make sure that it can come to an earth pressure. Therefore some pools must be equipped with floor slabs of concrete and will also be backfilled with concrete. Furthermore, the so-called retaining walls contribute to an additional enormous stability. These columns can be made of different materials. Rather than fill the walls with concrete, you can also use steel walls. For an additional noble look of the pool can be covered with wood. Probably the cheapest and most space-saving alternative is an inflatable pool from extra strong foil. You have to put only a base of a protective membrane underneath and inflate the pool.

The Extras

It is useful to consider before the implementation of some optional equipment. To extend the swimming season to offer themselves to one pool cover. A pool cover is then advisable especially if you have children or pets. So you can close the pool at any time and provided with a child. In addition, the water is not polluted during the cold season. It keeps leaves, dust and other contaminants. A side entrance through a sliding door completes the elegant sliding roof.

Daylight increases well-being

Ample natural light is essential in the winter, not to fall into the usually gray, gloomy
season of winter depression or bad mood.

In winter the days are short and night is already dark early. Therefore you should use the few
hours of sunlight of the day to fill up enough daylight and energy. The best course in the fresh air. But even large skylights offer a great way to increase the daylight in the office or
an apartment under the roof.

The roof windows by Velux for example, can double as opposed to simple facade windows or dormers to light, or even triple. With so much daylight and the improved view of the nature
of the humor rises automatically and also improves concentration and learning ability is enhanced by the sun's rays. Another advantage is that the sunlight warms the room addition and the thermometer on the heater can be turned down. The optimal heat at the window is obtained when one leaves at dusk, the shutters down. Thus there is an air space, the heat insulating effect and the cold of the night shields. A balcony also enhances the quality of living is among the
most top floor apartments but a rarity. The Velux Skylight convertible and the system solution "open air" is obtained easily and without additional authorization to its own little mini-balcony. The lower part of the window can be set to the vertical position and it creates a small outlet to the outside. But in the closed state occurs on a lot of bright light a large window -on request from floor to ceiling.

A real highlight is the "roof window with a cleansing effect. Residues of water droplets after a rain and dirt are gone. That annoying window cleaning can thus be reduced to a minimum and the view is always untroubled. Equipped with remote control and rain sensors, which leaves the window close automatically in case of rain, which offer models of Velux skylights maximum comfort for a better quality of life and more light in the attic.

Mobility with a stair

Increased quality of life through mobility stairlifts

In almost all areas of daily life take us off the machines work or make life easier. With the washing machine, the laundry is cleaned and the dishwasher does the dishes. The gas-floor
heating creates warmth without the coal must be brought from the cellar. Thus the range of reliable equipment and machinery, which we are daily in-house to the side can always be continued.

In other areas of life -in the movement -many millions of people each day use the S-or U-Bahn, train, plane or private car. With these machines we can easily climb and secure long distances and achieve goals that are unattainable in the pedestrian. Mobility characterizes our whole lives. Mobility is quality of life.

Especially for seniors to maintain their mobility is very important. Seniors want their carefree life and live independently, enjoy the fruits of labor -one's own house -. If you own a house or an apartment that goes over several floors, one might still be able to use them. Usually the floors are accessible only by stairs. Stairlifts can make the achievement of the various floors easy and secure.

Modern stairlifts are available in various models. They are equipped with thoughtful engineering and design constructed using an appealing Stairlifts for everyday life. For a variety of steps, there are stairlifts. These should be adjusted by qualified personnel according to your room and professionally installed. But even before, you should be informed from reputable vendors and advice on stairlifts.

Many seniors are actively operate in leisure activities, even sports and meet your budget without outside help. Only the stairs -in fact the communication route between the planes is -often act as a barrier against the otherwise self-determined life. Stairlifts, Home elevators or lifts, there are many established vendors, such as
by ThyssenKrupp Stair Lifts Ltd.

Stairlifts improve mobility and quality of life.

Living with design classics

Timeless set up with design classics and beautiful living

Everyone wants to live well, be happy with design classics.

For a few years the scene for originals continues to grow. There are already many shops are
specializing in this trend. But even in this market, it is very important to acquire more knowledge about certain designers and design objects. For it is not so easy to assess a fair price for some items.

Also, you should think about why there should be an original. If you want to purchase a fixed asset, then you probably need professional help. Not all originals have the chance to rise in value over time. When you buy a design object, to live with this really, then you can go out on your own.

My first tip. Buy what you like. What use is the coolest piece of furniture, chair or lamp, if you do not like this. You need to pay attention only to the fact that certain preconditions are met. The state should really match the price. This does not mean that the article may look like in use. But it should already be taken to ensure that everything is original. Of these, the value depends on it.

Simply welcoming run times on a Sunday on an exchange and be inspired by it. After you've determined a good idea to inform yourself on the Internet about the prices.

True design pieces are not only in a museum!

Private swimming pool in the garden right hibernate!

Swimming pool technology and get them ready for the winter.

Extreme Minustemeperaturen predict frost damage to their own pool in the garden are. To avoid this, appropriate precautions are taken. The exact nature of these is described in the following text.

Anyone who owns a swimming pool in the garden, must deal every year with the
How do I get my pool safely and without damage over the winter? Just in the last few weeks, this issue is particularly topical again, as prevailed in Germany extraordinary temperatures down to minus 20 degrees. Even during the day increased in many areas, temperatures no higher than -13 degrees. As you can imagine very easily, can mean the consequences of improper preparation for the winter season.

It is not at difficult to take the right precautions:
First, the water level in the pool is lowered to below the upper inlet nozzles, as these are generally outside the frost-free area. If you have a swimming pool cover is to enter it first. It is advisable to disassemble the cover may completely and to store them dry and warm.

All lines are now empty with a wet pickup, so that standing water in the pipes does not lead to frost damage. To prevent a run after the water, the pipes with special winter stopper sealed watertight. Now the water is still hinzuzugeben a special Winterkonservat to minimize the growth of algae. In addition, to recommend even to cover the pool with a light-proof film or canvas, which also prevented the growth of algae and prevent falling into the same time.

Particular attention should still an existing heat pump or solar energy may be devoted. These are always emptied completely and if possible to dismantle. Having taken all the precautions at the pool itself, is already taking the filter out of operation. These devices are all energized and open to the discharge screws. The water can now run their own.

As a tip: Before that was once the filter is backwashed for a long time to get the impurities out of the filter pocket.

If all these measures have been taken correctly, you can calm down for the winter freuen.Im spring, the pool will be done with very little effort fit for the new swimming season.

By the way: Did you know that a pool cover can reduce energy costs by up to 80%?

Decorative Tableware

A lavishly laid table is for many a must when it comes to a perfect dinner. A close look at the latest trends is worth it.

(tdx) has long since reached the home cook a new high. Thanks to cooking shows of all kinds
evolved a culture of connoisseurs who have fun again on food. Therefore moves more and more the table decorations at the center of attention. Gone are the days were enough plates and cutlery in which to complete a table to Gedeck. The home-cooked food should be presented in the appropriate context and for that there must be calm on the table something special.

Standard equipment in the new deftly

Dish is not only the platform for the big show of eating, but also more and more design element on the table. It is still a timeless beauty and know the right choice for any occasion. Another advantage of the classic version is that on a white background, the creative dressers of eating very well come into its own. Moreover, the trend over the past few years, a purist in its direction and size: The dimensions of the plates are continuously striking, but by its simple design to draw from them rather than the main thing is the food. Increasingly, formal language is also set to swinging: Whether or wrinkled -plates, bowls and dishes need no longer correspond to the classical norms.

In the Cutlery is still gripped like a classic: polished silver cutlery and simple stainless steel cutlery, which in any event is out of place. For the brave, there are now but also variations in black, who serve in all cases varied as a catcher. On high gloss polished they give the table a modern touch, the very well with fancy culinary ideas, for example, from the Far East, in harmony.

All-rounder search

To a successful meal includes concerted beverages, which will naturally want to also be presented in the appropriate setting. Choosing the right glass often depends on the drink itself but there are now genuine multi-talent who can play a dual role in the table decorations. Cup receptacles serve as drinking glasses for red wine, white wine or champagne, and as shells or lanterns. Some objects can also be used as a vase or candlestick for compact pillar candles. Personal preferences are set in terms of size, shape and color hardly a limit.

Another all-rounder for the whole year is a portable BBQ system, both in the home, or in the garden or on the terrace can be used. For Basisrechaud there is an aluminum grill, the delicious meat dishes, as well as vegetable dishes for vegetarian guests at the home table magic. Detached from the classic dinner sequence itself can be a cook with a grill table, each guest. Played along with the effect is ideal for evening parties with friends and family. If you cared so around the base pieces on the table, you can start with the decorative elements and accessories. Flower arrangements are part of the intimate atmosphere of a long dinner. One should be careful that less is often more. Plants with strong fragrances may be perceived as annoying and distract from the food. Equally, a table that is laden with flowers, attracts the attention to just unpleasant,
and therefore the overall design of the table design can not work properly. On most tables space is already scarce, so this can be better used, for example, a water carafe or a small bread basket. Individual share but effective accents, is therefore a good opportunity to create a pleasant atmosphere at the table without overdoing it.

This is especially true when matched sets, square plates or tablecloths. Colors and patterns and share highlights, make the appearance fresh and exciting. Despite this discouraging too daring combinations of colors, since they only depend essentially, good food, distracted. Restraint and the emphasis on individual characteristics such as napkins or candle holders are entirely sufficient, and round off the look harmonic.

BU: colored crockery on a white background makes for great accents. Image: tdx / Unopi.

Laundry basket as a multifunctional furniture

Where do you store your dirty laundry before it comes into the laundry room?

If you now "would be in the bathroom cabinet," in a basket in my bedroom
"or" I just stuff them in my closet "answer, here's a suggestion for improvement: storage Save
your laundry Simply from the main lobby, or perhaps in your living room! This them much
space in the often too small-built bathrooms and, judging by the opinions of women, always to be small, in the closet.

Allen marveled readers will now hereby given to the way that it does not matter where the laundry is stored, but like: most households have in recent years, probably not more likely to look for new laundry baskets because they are of the opinion that the old "yes still not falling apart, and a laundry basket but anyway is only a function object." The fact that this assumption will, however, as outmoded as the laundry basket itself, falls on if they would even search for new laundry baskets, the furniture industry has recognized that is in an unexpectedly large laundry baskets, aesthetic potential if they are no longer merely functional, but also regards as decorative items.

The majority of today's body wash is available as a multifunction product. This means that the function of W.scheaufbewahrens another was added. Often, laundry baskets also serve as storage or office space and are cleverly integrated into benches, bed frames.

This trend is seen most often in wicker furniture, for example, of rattan or loom, because they are above average stability and are composed of extremely thin walls. Thus, almost no storage space inside the basket is lost while on top of it creates a new storage space. When checking up on the Internet, you will be surprised to find in what forms and variations you can get laundry baskets, and possibly say that this great, big box in the entryway of your neighbor, that he has parked at your last visit your flowers, actually a very different function had. Have you become suspicious? Consider now whether it can replace your, as they had with Grandma but perhaps there should be slow times?

What are your ideas will always have your potential, new laundry basket, it is relatively unlikely that you will not find them. Even in children's rooms, which seem mostly already bursting at the seams, because all toys will be placed somewhere needs to find laundry baskets with good planning or place: The seat of the stool, they could finally bulky second desk chair for visitors replaced. Simultaneously as a cabinet or store laundry basket with other drawers or a part of the whole characters.

The laundry baskets are regarded as decorative items, but also shows its price. Without loads of searching on the Internet you can find fine designer editions that can cost over 1000 €. Common baskets midrange catch, depending on size, material and shape, however, already at around 50 €. Multifunction laundry baskets, such as seat hump, chests and benches cost from roughly € 100 upwards. But here again one should not forget that it has integrated two products in one. Separately the cost would probably be much higher.