Sun protection offers more than sun and shade

On almost all the sun protective glazing may subsequently be laid. Sun and UV protection with foil. Cost and effective.

Ordinary glass is not only light but also heat by radiation from the sun into the rooms. Are very problematic in the South, West and roof glazing. Here offer a good protection sunscreen glazing or shading systems. External blinds, awnings and solar control films are very effective.
They block the radiation from the sun before or on the glass.

Sun protection

Of all the solar systems, sun protection is changing the overall appearance of the building was usually the least and is certainly an effective, durable and cost effective solution. The sunscreen with sun protection should be done with as bright, reflective films and not with dark, highly absorbing films in order to reject as much solar energy. Dark, highly absorbing films give the absorbed heat mainly on to the glass. They reflect very little.

The construction of a sun protection

The construction of a modern, high quality sun protective film consists of at least 6 layers. a) transparent protective film b) adhesive layer with UV absorbers c) clear or tinted polyester film with UV absorbers d) Aluminiumbedampfung (or other metals) e) clear polyester film f) scratch-resistant coating

The Sun

The rejection of the total solar energy, depending on the of foil up to about 80% of the glass reduced radiation. Sun protection offers a large reduction of sunlight into the rooms relieved that the air conditioning system reduces energy costs, more costly fading of furniture styles, etc. The sun slides have a UV protection of about 99%. Also offers a mirrored sun protection for protection from prying eyes during the day and provides a very attractive design. Unlike other solar systems, solar films are easy to assemble. There are no specific knowledge and tools needed to live a normal house window to coat. The sun protective liner is placed on the glass all year round. The cleaning of the windows remain, such as standard glass. Through the scratch-resistant coating sunscreen foils are stain-resistant and easy to clean. Even "light" solar films that are hardly recognizable to create the panes of glass one on radiation reduced by almost 50% and also have a UV protection of over 99%.

Teflon coated sun protection

There are even Teflon coated films for solar roof area in which a cleaning of the film as good as no longer necessary. The dirt can not be held liable by the Teflon coating and is washed away with the next rain. Prior to the acquisition of Solar Films you should seek advice from a specialist company in detail. At today's modern glass there are many different Solar Films. Many shades and variations, and almost every need for a solution.

The durability

With the right film you will achieve a very high sun protection and have many years on a very effective and durable protection. The durability of a premium-quality foil is placed inside at about 15 to 20 years. Outside, at 10 to 15 years (depending on installation method header or vertical) without the serious, the film loses its power. The film can also be re-residue removed and replaced with a new one. The expensive replacement of glass or other solar systems, etc. deleted.

Where do the films?

The greatest works of sunscreen films are available in the U.S.. Leading the market is the company LLumar. The most modern film plant is located in India and supplies under the name "Garware sun slides and many other feature films.

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