The garden is fun - tips and info for the living room in the Open

Living in the open now is at a premium, especially for garden and balcony owners prefer to spend every spare minute in their greenery. Therefore turn in June, both Theme
specials around the outdoor living pleasure. In its "Garden Tips" Nature lovers will find all kinds of useful and interesting facts about the garden itself, from the lawn care about plants and
equipment up to the grill after work fun.

Balmy summer evenings on the private terrace, surrounded by nice people and just the furniture and materials that reflect the unique lifestyle the best. A wish that is more and more people at the top of the list. In Topic Special "terrace and garden paths" shows a wealth of opportunities to shape the very personal place in the sun. If it is then become of the once barren cobblestones idyllic lifestyle a welcoming lounge, very nice guests come by itself ...

For the past eleven years offers a compact and sighted subjects, news and information around home and garden. Whether building a house, building, building services or appurtenant to all questions from structural work illuminates up to the homely style of your own home.

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