The heater on the roof

With the solar year save money

Not only for electricity generation but also for hot water or heating assistance can be sun's rays on the roof.

An effective technique to harness the free energy of the sun for solar The sunlight on the roof is a solar collector is converted into heat, which is directed via a carrier fluid into a separate memory where it heats the water. solar system on the roof during the summer months, the entire energy demand for hot water for a household: sufficient for the consumption of a four-person household as five square meters of collector area.

Potential savings and other financial incentives

Also on the heating system is best suited. The heating and hot water to cause about 90 percent of domestic energy needs. Here, the high savings potential of environmental technology is clearly visible. Additional financial incentives, offer special programs: For example, the support base during the initial installation of equipment for water heating is on the roof to 40 m. gross collector 60 euro per square meter commenced, and at least 410 euros per unit. With an expanded use of even 105 Euro per square meter will be granted.

The collectors themselves produce in the winter or on cloudy enough heat for domestic use: From April / May to September the plant will provide enough energy even on cloudy days, hot water heating.

Almost invisible technology

Known manufacturers now offer even models that can be integrated easily into the existing structure of the roof. On the roofing level, causing no visual impairment of the solar panels over the roof, which could hurt the overall picture of the house. For careful planning will include the correct installation and in particular the right roof: A southern orientation at an angle from 25 to 60 degrees is recommended.

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