The best professional tips: window cleaning made easy!

Ratings fast and clean window cleaning

Every year -at least at the beginning of the spring season is no way around it: the windows need to be urgently cleaned! Of rain, pollen and bird dirty discs are finally no more alluring sight. As it is -want to or not -ran to the cleaning! In order to keep seeing the result then as long as possible.

1. The right helpers:
Despite a variety of alternatives, the classic method is with water, detergent and squeegee remains among experts as the best. An ideal utensil to clean the glass is suitable on the one hand a soft, lint-free cloth or a wash-leather, the other a non-abrasive sponge. Normally clear, soft water as possible goes to clean the window panes completely. A tip of the experts: A few drops of dishwashing liquid to soften hard water! In any case, you should not use hot water because many cleaning agents will lose their effect. Furthermore, we should give only later additions into the water, otherwise it foams too much.

2. Here's how:
To prevent damage to the window glass, the glass should not, directly with silicon yet to come into contact with other chemical products that contain abrasive particles. For the soaping of the disc should be a simple sponge, with which the glass is washed schlangenlinienf.rmig from top left to bottom right. Excess water is then easily removed with a squeegee or chamois leather. Finally, one should not remove the window with a microfiber cloth and wipe any residual moisture from the corners and from the window.

Although the polishing with newspaper and a well-tried agents, but the ink often leaves unsightly marks on window sill, and under stress, Better is a chamois leather, which is rinsing
after cleaning Ideally, in warm salt water and slightly auswringt so it is not hard. And one more tip for last: Even if it does, perhaps more fun to clean with sunshine, one should not necessarily take in the blazing sun to a sponge and chamois leather. Otherwise occur during drying quickly, the famous ugly streaks -and all efforts were in vain!

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