Decorative Tableware

A lavishly laid table is for many a must when it comes to a perfect dinner. A close look at the latest trends is worth it.

(tdx) has long since reached the home cook a new high. Thanks to cooking shows of all kinds
evolved a culture of connoisseurs who have fun again on food. Therefore moves more and more the table decorations at the center of attention. Gone are the days were enough plates and cutlery in which to complete a table to Gedeck. The home-cooked food should be presented in the appropriate context and for that there must be calm on the table something special.

Standard equipment in the new deftly

Dish is not only the platform for the big show of eating, but also more and more design element on the table. It is still a timeless beauty and know the right choice for any occasion. Another advantage of the classic version is that on a white background, the creative dressers of eating very well come into its own. Moreover, the trend over the past few years, a purist in its direction and size: The dimensions of the plates are continuously striking, but by its simple design to draw from them rather than the main thing is the food. Increasingly, formal language is also set to swinging: Whether or wrinkled -plates, bowls and dishes need no longer correspond to the classical norms.

In the Cutlery is still gripped like a classic: polished silver cutlery and simple stainless steel cutlery, which in any event is out of place. For the brave, there are now but also variations in black, who serve in all cases varied as a catcher. On high gloss polished they give the table a modern touch, the very well with fancy culinary ideas, for example, from the Far East, in harmony.

All-rounder search

To a successful meal includes concerted beverages, which will naturally want to also be presented in the appropriate setting. Choosing the right glass often depends on the drink itself but there are now genuine multi-talent who can play a dual role in the table decorations. Cup receptacles serve as drinking glasses for red wine, white wine or champagne, and as shells or lanterns. Some objects can also be used as a vase or candlestick for compact pillar candles. Personal preferences are set in terms of size, shape and color hardly a limit.

Another all-rounder for the whole year is a portable BBQ system, both in the home, or in the garden or on the terrace can be used. For Basisrechaud there is an aluminum grill, the delicious meat dishes, as well as vegetable dishes for vegetarian guests at the home table magic. Detached from the classic dinner sequence itself can be a cook with a grill table, each guest. Played along with the effect is ideal for evening parties with friends and family. If you cared so around the base pieces on the table, you can start with the decorative elements and accessories. Flower arrangements are part of the intimate atmosphere of a long dinner. One should be careful that less is often more. Plants with strong fragrances may be perceived as annoying and distract from the food. Equally, a table that is laden with flowers, attracts the attention to just unpleasant,
and therefore the overall design of the table design can not work properly. On most tables space is already scarce, so this can be better used, for example, a water carafe or a small bread basket. Individual share but effective accents, is therefore a good opportunity to create a pleasant atmosphere at the table without overdoing it.

This is especially true when matched sets, square plates or tablecloths. Colors and patterns and share highlights, make the appearance fresh and exciting. Despite this discouraging too daring combinations of colors, since they only depend essentially, good food, distracted. Restraint and the emphasis on individual characteristics such as napkins or candle holders are entirely sufficient, and round off the look harmonic.

BU: colored crockery on a white background makes for great accents. Image: tdx / Unopi.

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