With a private pool for your backyard pool

information for the successful planning ofa local Pools & Pool Accessories

You want to fulfill at last the desire fora pool in your backyard? But even before construction
has to take some considerations. But what is the correct pool? Do I need accessories such as
a pool cover? First, youconsider howmuch space you have available, what form should have the pool and from what materials it should exist. Each pool needs to be built on a smooth and solid ground. Below area few variants.

Choose the right location

Most suitable is of course the south side. Ideally, the pool is not in close proximity to trees, because that saves a lot of work in the pool cleaning. It is advisable to select the location so that connections for power and water in the vicinity. However, you should choose the place so that it blends harmoniously into the surroundings, because of the additional facilities ofa pool cover, it may under some circumstances, bulky and obstruct the view.

Choose the right size

The size of your desired pool is first and foremost, of course, depends on the available space. Ideally, you have plenty of space and can access a pool of conventional standard size, for example, 12mx 4,5 m x 1,50 m. Duch, the choice of a standard size, you can save not only the pool but also in a majority of pool accessories.

The forms

Depending on available space and you may choose, you can choose between these different forms: the classic rectangular pool, Ovalbecken, the circular tank and the Achtformbecken. Your Enstcheidung you should make depends on your bathing habits. Sporting swimmers to become more like an elongated orbits can move to pool access to lovers of the more relaxed water fun for a round or Ovalbecken.

The material

The main materials are plastic, concrete and steel. In some pools you must make sure that it can come to an earth pressure. Therefore some pools must be equipped with floor slabs of concrete and will also be backfilled with concrete. Furthermore, the so-called retaining walls contribute to an additional enormous stability. These columns can be made of different materials. Rather than fill the walls with concrete, you can also use steel walls. For an additional noble look of the pool can be covered with wood. Probably the cheapest and most space-saving alternative is an inflatable pool from extra strong foil. You have to put only a base of a protective membrane underneath and inflate the pool.

The Extras

It is useful to consider before the implementation of some optional equipment. To extend the swimming season to offer themselves to one pool cover. A pool cover is then advisable especially if you have children or pets. So you can close the pool at any time and provided with a child. In addition, the water is not polluted during the cold season. It keeps leaves, dust and other contaminants. A side entrance through a sliding door completes the elegant sliding roof.

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