The bathing season 2010 is just around the corner!

In preparing for the new season it is important to the proper planning and implementation.
Only then the fun factor is guaranteed.

Even if the weather does not cause the past few weeks the thought of swimming in their pool, so the 2010 season is still in the starting blocks.

Every pool owner knows the problem from previous years. Only the weather is still bad and you can not really think of the spring awakening of his pool and suddenly the weeks have passed, spring is here, and start the new season beginnt.Um well prepared for the new season will require it again the right planning and preparation.

What is important here?
First is the focus, thoroughly clean the tank and remove the dirt accumulated over the winter. Therefore, one
should be emptied at regular intervals, the pools, and even completely cover the walls and floor of the pool
with a special cleaner. It is possibly to pay attention to rising groundwater, which can eventually lead to
damage. Through this cleaning can be easily and effectively remove dirt and lime deposits. In addition to the
cleaning of the pool is also constantly cleaning the pool cover a topic. Right here are deposited algae and
lime, as these areas are particularly exposed to the sun and the weather. There are special cleaners
depending Abdeckungstyp.

Regarding the water is a particular focus on the sand filter basket. This should be changed depending on the
contamination at regular intervals. It is made usually from about 3 to 5 years.
In addition to filtering the technsichen equipment for the water attractions, such as check and countercurrent
jets, too. To illuminate the best in the new season to the pool, the underwater light bulbs to review
and possibly replace.

Finally, the stocks of water resources should be reviewed and replenish accordingly. Basic equipment should
be regarded as chlorine, pH regulation, seaweed resources, flocculant, pool testers. For all questions relating
to your swimming pool competent and helpful Bauer available.

PS: It is also to think about the expansion of the existing swimming pool technology. Especially in recent
years, heat pumps are all the rage and ensure constant water in the pool.

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