Laundry basket as a multifunctional furniture

Where do you store your dirty laundry before it comes into the laundry room?

If you now "would be in the bathroom cabinet," in a basket in my bedroom
"or" I just stuff them in my closet "answer, here's a suggestion for improvement: storage Save
your laundry Simply from the main lobby, or perhaps in your living room! This them much
space in the often too small-built bathrooms and, judging by the opinions of women, always to be small, in the closet.

Allen marveled readers will now hereby given to the way that it does not matter where the laundry is stored, but like: most households have in recent years, probably not more likely to look for new laundry baskets because they are of the opinion that the old "yes still not falling apart, and a laundry basket but anyway is only a function object." The fact that this assumption will, however, as outmoded as the laundry basket itself, falls on if they would even search for new laundry baskets, the furniture industry has recognized that is in an unexpectedly large laundry baskets, aesthetic potential if they are no longer merely functional, but also regards as decorative items.

The majority of today's body wash is available as a multifunction product. This means that the function of W.scheaufbewahrens another was added. Often, laundry baskets also serve as storage or office space and are cleverly integrated into benches, bed frames.

This trend is seen most often in wicker furniture, for example, of rattan or loom, because they are above average stability and are composed of extremely thin walls. Thus, almost no storage space inside the basket is lost while on top of it creates a new storage space. When checking up on the Internet, you will be surprised to find in what forms and variations you can get laundry baskets, and possibly say that this great, big box in the entryway of your neighbor, that he has parked at your last visit your flowers, actually a very different function had. Have you become suspicious? Consider now whether it can replace your, as they had with Grandma but perhaps there should be slow times?

What are your ideas will always have your potential, new laundry basket, it is relatively unlikely that you will not find them. Even in children's rooms, which seem mostly already bursting at the seams, because all toys will be placed somewhere needs to find laundry baskets with good planning or place: The seat of the stool, they could finally bulky second desk chair for visitors replaced. Simultaneously as a cabinet or store laundry basket with other drawers or a part of the whole characters.

The laundry baskets are regarded as decorative items, but also shows its price. Without loads of searching on the Internet you can find fine designer editions that can cost over 1000 €. Common baskets midrange catch, depending on size, material and shape, however, already at around 50 €. Multifunction laundry baskets, such as seat hump, chests and benches cost from roughly € 100 upwards. But here again one should not forget that it has integrated two products in one. Separately the cost would probably be much higher.

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