Private swimming pool in the garden right hibernate!

Swimming pool technology and get them ready for the winter.

Extreme Minustemeperaturen predict frost damage to their own pool in the garden are. To avoid this, appropriate precautions are taken. The exact nature of these is described in the following text.

Anyone who owns a swimming pool in the garden, must deal every year with the
How do I get my pool safely and without damage over the winter? Just in the last few weeks, this issue is particularly topical again, as prevailed in Germany extraordinary temperatures down to minus 20 degrees. Even during the day increased in many areas, temperatures no higher than -13 degrees. As you can imagine very easily, can mean the consequences of improper preparation for the winter season.

It is not at difficult to take the right precautions:
First, the water level in the pool is lowered to below the upper inlet nozzles, as these are generally outside the frost-free area. If you have a swimming pool cover is to enter it first. It is advisable to disassemble the cover may completely and to store them dry and warm.

All lines are now empty with a wet pickup, so that standing water in the pipes does not lead to frost damage. To prevent a run after the water, the pipes with special winter stopper sealed watertight. Now the water is still hinzuzugeben a special Winterkonservat to minimize the growth of algae. In addition, to recommend even to cover the pool with a light-proof film or canvas, which also prevented the growth of algae and prevent falling into the same time.

Particular attention should still an existing heat pump or solar energy may be devoted. These are always emptied completely and if possible to dismantle. Having taken all the precautions at the pool itself, is already taking the filter out of operation. These devices are all energized and open to the discharge screws. The water can now run their own.

As a tip: Before that was once the filter is backwashed for a long time to get the impurities out of the filter pocket.

If all these measures have been taken correctly, you can calm down for the winter freuen.Im spring, the pool will be done with very little effort fit for the new swimming season.

By the way: Did you know that a pool cover can reduce energy costs by up to 80%?

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