A garden grows

Quite a few nature-loving people to lie down beside a garden pavilion.

The house is newly built, the garden still a brown wasteland. Now, in winter, everything inside was finished, the spring comes slowly and you want to enjoy the garden, handsome and as an
extension of the living room. The forms of plants and flower beds are quickly determined, it's missing is a center. A seat in the middle of the garden, you do not want to always sit on the
terrace while enjoying the beautiful weather. But a little protection, it should then still be, be it from sun rays or rain drops. For a cabin space is too low, however, they would standing in the middle of the meadow, take the children the space to play and adults to view.

Also it should be remembered forever, as the garden should generally be designed. The shape of flower beds, plantings, pots, and later perhaps of trees is not supposed to be disturbed. A nice idea is created regardless of how the garden is a garden pavilion. Due to the variety of offerings to fit the protected seat on both the garden like a purse. Because there are stable structures
made of wood with thatched roof, the Asia seem easy pavilions, decorated in Art Nouveau style cast iron poles on which in summer is a lightweight awning stretched. The area often varies.

From a square of five, six, or octagon, there are ways, round pavilion with a curved roof can decorate the garden. Which style is preferred by adults and children, can be determined using brochures or exhibitions in the building and garden centers, the inventory may be provided by the manufacturer.

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