Bonsai Garden: Major points in the planting of the Garden Bonsai

What's in Garden Bonsai observed?

Before it comes to the hobby gardeners, among other things, the artful pruning of the bonsai garden, it is said once these plants properly too. Namely, before the garden can give a bonsai garden, an oriental touch, the soil must be carefully prepared on the spot where the plant is to stand again.

The bonsai, which is also increasingly common in Europe and especially in German gardens, is mainly formed of pines (Pinus), made of yew (Taxus), or from a mountain-holly. These trees grow all very happy in a very loose humus rich soil that is not burdened with so much lime. Similarly, the bonsai garden no standing moisture and for the preparation of the soil in the garden of hobby gardeners should use a loamy soil a mixture of each third lime free sand and peat, and of course the existing top shelf with like, because that has proven itself.
Furthermore, the addition of plenty of organic manure is useful for only the peat, and even the sand do not contain important nutrients.

In order for a bonsai garden on a rather sandy soil, grows and thrives well, should plenty of humus components are applied. You may need to get the ideal soil, organic material (such as peat, are beigeschafft black humus or manure dumped). Are to thrive in the event that the Bonsai Garden compacted subsoils and should be a hill planting are considered. For this purpose, a bed is created and the bed should also be placed so that its height, the height of the real bonsai ball slightly exceeds in height. Thus, the Bonsai Garden is not exposed to waterlogging in the ground, the amateur gardener may create a drain, because like the waterlogging of the Bonsai Garden in general do not suffer. The bonsai plant a garden then that is prone to rot from the roots to her, and then the Bonsai Garden is broken.

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