Garden shower by the pool -Spa decoration or accessory

Swimming pool makes its appearance in German luxury-detached houses

For a spa oasis in your own garden, a separate pool is ideal. The basin is filled with blue water symbol of modern luxury. Even in our latitude is required more frequently that status symbol.
It equips the pool with underwater lights out and surrounded the water to the brim with fine wood floors, for example, from bankirai wood planks. Beautiful plants, like bamboo, reeds, grass or shrubs make up the swimming pool one wellness oasis.

For the correct design of the pool surround the garden lovers can fall back on skilled Garden newspapers come up with many decorating ideas. The pool is installed, it inevitably raises the question of the pool furniture. Again, the offer is very large. Simple and elegant teak furniture and fittings designed to relax Rattanoptik to lasting outdoor use -depending on taste.

Is the pool area once fitted, the outdoor spa area can be useful extended by an elegant garden shower. A beautiful monsoon rains from a stainless steel designer garden shower is a refreshing cool down on hot summer days. With a beautiful wooden base can be the pure showering pleasure perfect shape. For a small budget is certainly a nice enough piece of the hardware store. Anyone who wants an exclusive, however, the are no limits.

Important in the placement of the garden shower is the right distance to the pool, since otherwise it may be unintentionally visited a small misstep by the pool. With the matching towel rack, which can also be very helpful for supporting, is set to the open-air shower experience no
limit. In an exclusive garden shower and the standing to choose accessories pallet is very diverse. A spa pleasure in your own garden -a garden shower is a nice extension.

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