How does a woodburning stove and what is there to consider?

In today's world is it important to have access to alternative fuels.

First, it is important that you have a chimney shaft, on which the stove can be connected to allow the gases to escape. But you should not have a separate flue so there is the possibility leave a mount such retrospectively at Stoves offer "pure comfort". home. Otherwise, the principle is similar for most fireplaces. There is a firing space in which to burn the wood or briquettes. It is equipped with so-called refractory firebricks. Furthermore, there is an ash tray, with which you can empty the accumulated ash. This falls out of the firing room, which is accessible from the outside through a door fitted with extra crack directly into the ash pan.

Furthermore, the stove should be placed on a fireproof surface. Often one has to specially prepared glass plates, but it can also be a tiled surface. This should be a certain size, because the stove has to have when setting up distance to other materials that could be flammable. Before start of a stove, it will be removed by a chimney sweep. Stoves have a stove pipe, which is placed directly into the chimney shaft. This escape of gases formed. A fireplace has openings so that the resulting heat to escape through it into the living room. Thus, the heat of a stove achieves the desired effect, namely, heat the living spaces.

As stoves are heated with wood, as a rule, you should make sure that you burned dry wood is the only way you can achieve the desired heat.

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