Landscaping Guide -beautiful garden and the house

Tips and Advice for planting around the garden design and Beetplanung.

A beautiful garden at the house want more families. Often one would like, despite the small plot has a varied design. Plant choice can conjure up different moods, one can imagine, for example, by the sea or in a shady forest. Plants can have all the rainbow colors.

Well looks like the garden, where the wooden wall gets to the end of the property with an ocher-colored paint. Before there can be a stylish garden rooms. Often, trellises are used to shield out in blue and yellow checkerboard pattern to the garden and even hide the shed.

You look in the garden on hot days like refuge. As a pergola with wisteria can be quite useful, because they donate enough shade. It will provide for a connection into the countryside by the floor plate will be continued in the form of two ways. In between, a bed may be as yarrow and perhaps even flourish-sage steppe. Very beautiful are the gabions and the wild vine, they form a natural boundary.

The following plants are often used in garden design: graulaubiger woundwort wool, pillar junipers, blue iris, Mediterranean Spurge, lavender. These plants like to be supplemented with aromatic, fragrant lemon and olive trees in pots, blue diamond. Happy to be used in the landscaping fairytale characters.

From the English we know as the Gargoyle, from the French Gargouille and in the German language is known simply as a gargoyle with a gargoyle face. All these terms have their own history. The gargoyles originally had a practical use, for example, they served as clay pipes, which in the 6th Century BC, the water in the gutter derived from the rooftops. The gargoyles had therefore a definite meaning and purpose, he should divert the water after a heavy downpour in a wide arc from the wall. Only the facade could be kept dry.

The gargoyles are often animal body and face. The figures in a landscape design can also have wings, but not to fly, they just make the sliding effect dar. The gargoyles very mysterious. They are told to, to protect people against all evil spirits and horrible demons. How can this happen? The devilish appearance since playing the main role. The creatures of the underworld is a mirror held up and moves them to repentance. Today you can find gargoyles too many churches and monasteries. The religious buildings should be protected from these creatures from evil. So these stone pieces have a mysterious effect on the garden.

The landscaping is a lot of work but also fun. The garden can indeed serve different purposes: garden, water garden, garden plot, flower garden, natural garden, home garden, vegetable garden, home garden, patio, woodland garden, vegetable garden. Therefore, it should also create and design accordingly. -But any form of garden design is unique and has its advantages.

It's like that almost always with the nature of garden design in one form or another is tamed, because wild plants that had just left to itself, is perceived as quite often unkempt. A garden design is becoming more complex with time. The environment and the original form of a garden to play a huge role in garden design. The large gardens have the advantage that they can be made increasingly varied with different styles. Yes, even that were possible. But the little gardens have their advantages. And there are not few. It does not matter whether someone is a beginner or an experienced gardener. A beautiful garden design is feasible for everyone. Of course one needs some basic knowledge and their own creativity.

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