Ten tips for your home and your garden

• Winter damage is often preventable with simple means
• Whether gardeners, roofers and masons

House and garden need special preparation, so that homeowners can enjoy the cold season
without worrying about their homes. mhomeimprovement has provided a checklist of 10 tips together, be aware of the house and garden owners before the start of winter. Often, minor measures sufficient to prevent major damage from winter weather with cold, wet, snow and ice.

1. Even a fully insulated house will not warm when the heater is not working properly. Therefore, the best instruct an expert who controls whether the heater and energy efficient working properly, or if repairs are needed.

2. Even small cracks and crevices in walls in the winter can lead to serious damage to the facade, for penetrating water freezes and expands. Therefore dispose of the water column before the first frost, and at the same time to prevent mold growth.

3. Rain gutters free of autumn leaves and remove any blockages.

4. Frost is bursting full external lines, because water expands in extreme cold. Therefore, in time before winter sets in to block the inlet of the pipes and drain the water.

5. Sensitive potted plants should be brought to the house in winter frost and frost-sensitive garden plants are covered with leaves, twigs or humus. If heat-loving trees, it is advisable to raise a white paint on the bark, or wrap them with foil to protect them from the cold.

6. Water, which in the summer for the rainwater collection and be used to irrigate the gardens, which cover most drop from the cold and empty, so they do not break when frost.

7. The pond should be protected from falling leaves, Not frost-proof pumps should be removed, cleaned and stored until spring in the cellar.

8. The lawn the last time before the first frost, mow and fertilize with a little nitrogen. Not allow grass clippings and leaves lying on the grass -there is danger of mold.

9. Even garden needs care. A painting with a suitable wood oil protects the wood furniture from damage by moisture and cold. Better yet, cover the furniture with a tarp or, if sufficient space is available to accommodate the basement.

10. And last but not least: To save on heating costs constantly rising energy prices, should be windows, doors and even older shutter boxes checked and resealed if necessary to minimize heat loss.

"With these ten tips on home and garden owners are on the safe side: Unnecessary damage to the house and garden that must be resolved in the spring with a lot of effort and money that can be avoided

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