Unique gift idea -special gift ideas!

The weather makes us for Christmas. No wonder that to many people already thought about special gift ideas. After all, in less than two months is Christmas!

Now, already thinking about Christmas -special gift ideas!

The weather makes us even now to Christmas, a warming mulled wine will be useful at these
temperatures. The business reported sales of Photo Blanket in Green huge amounts of winter
clothing -jackets, caps, scarves and Co are purchased. They want to finally warm up, not only from the inside! In the ski resorts are looking forward to the tourism professionals -as early as this year could have long ski lifts open any more.

No wonder that many people also already thinking about Christmas and worry about special gift ideas for their loved ones. After all, in less than two months is Christmas!

A truly special and unique gift idea that still warms to the donee, and for longer, is a patchwork quilt. The cover can be precisely adjusted to the needs of the recipient. The Textildesigerin Michaela Rich is looking lovingly matching favorite colors -they provide the specific need of the quilts in her size. Whether for the mother, the friend, the godson, best friend or their own children -a patchwork quilt like them. Yet there is an opportunity to restore the ceiling with photos of the family or of your favorite animal. Thus, the ceiling for a unique gift.

The specificity, photos, print materials and then process these materials into a colorful quilt, know many people in Hollywood movies like "An American Quilt" or "side by side." The textile designer Michaela Rich used a special textile foil, on which are printed the photos. Then the photos will be ironed onto the individual substances. The fabrics are still washed at 30 degrees in the machine, but you should not iron directly over the photo.

"The demand for unique Fotodecken soared in recent months," said Michaela Rich. "My customers ordered Fotodecken as christening, a wedding gift for a birthday, and for recovery." A photo blanket need not be expensive. Textile designer calculated fairly and accurately. "Especially in times of want, where everyone has to save a little more, one can still make a unique gift," says the single mother of a son. "It can also be printed quotes and congratulations, which are then ironed onto the ceiling. " The imagination knows no boundaries.
"Most of my clients know exactly what they want. Undecided, but I help you find some. "

Anyone who would like to see more photos of ordered blankets, this may make the homepage of the textile designer. There is not only admire pictures of the popular Fotodecken, but also other unique pieces to. Michaela Rich looks forward to any binding offer, and offers its customers a unique service, which is enjoying increasing popularity.

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