Stairs as an important element of interior design

is crucial to the optic stairs Purchase

The staircase has a decisive influence on the style of living. A variety of shapes and materials,
however, complicates the decision. The experts from clarify about differences
and give planning advice.

Stairs are a key element in building a great impact on their style of living. Nice design, however,
only really effective when the stair structure is given enough space. The experts of the online magazine therefore recommend making generous already at the house planning the landing area. In the steps themselves, you can choose between different models. In general, you should recognize that climbing stairs is the easier and more convenient, the lower the slope height. It occurs more secure when increasing the tread surface. The rule of thumb: 2 x pitch height plus 1 x slat = 60 to 65 cm.

In the staircase shape of the market offers a variety of forms. So-called floor stairs are the only connection between the floors. Because of precise rules these stairs are usually easy to commit. "Floor stairs are subject to the DIN 18065-standard, and must reach the stair, slat, Steigeh.he or head level to meet specific requirements," said Harry Guertler, Stairs expert from Bavegem. Thus, even bulky furniture can be easily transported over these stairs. Another variant is the spiral staircase, usually as a staircase, for example, is used to connect two rooms. According homesolute experts offer these steps to form, to connect a space-saving design with an appealing design. Especially as the stairway gallery Spindeltreppe comes good effect. When two shells with as little effort as possible, space should be connected to recommend himself Spacesaver. Thanks to the used here, "Schmetterlingsstufen" is the staircase shape despite the low delivery and some extreme angle but we are easily accessible.

As with the varied forms is also in the materials selection. The choice of material depends primarily on the taste of the owner, or which design works best with the interior. In favor of concrete stairs, steel stairs, as they are already used in the construction phase, railings and flooring must be installed after the fact. Taking all components, the concrete steps, therefore, the most expensive option. For wood stairs are currently being announced very dark woods such as oak or merbau, bamboo is also very popular. When the wood railings with various materials such as stainless steel or glass can be added. Thanks to a flexible manufacturing system can be obtained by this modern, timeless mix of materials and implement individual solutions stairs.

Depending on the staircase form, the materials used and railing construction, installation time varies. In general, experts need one days, with complex and intricate designs can extend the construction period, however, according to. Because different models are already pre-fabricated stairs and stairways are included in standard construction drawings and building instructions, you can mount the stairs with excellent craftmanship but also themselves. The experts from homesolut e. Com but it is recommended to consider well the self-assembly and to draw in any case an expert to advise it.

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