Trends in Lighting

With the wrong lighting can not be the best institution to get used.

What exactly is a truism, is often not respected in the implementation or the purchase of lights. Therefore, you should seek advice in cases set with proper lighting in advance by a specialist. The beautiful design is light, although visually quite be an enrichment for residential design for the so-called functional lighting, but they need not necessarily be suitable.

In general, functional light different from the mood light. In the mood light and warm colors of light are happy preferably a diffuse scattering of light effects. However, should provide specific functional lighting for the illumination of a room or a specific area in this room, for example, also allows the reading.

Change or the possibility of a balanced mixture between mood and functional lighting to be able, in many cases an optimal solution for the living room. Indeed, should an over and only functional lighting "act uncomfortable." Create a rule here Dimmers help. Good solutions also provide lighting systems that will be attached to those hanging lamps and spots that can be alternately turned on and off.

How many lights are needed, ultimately, depends on the size of the room and by the (planned) furniture. For lighting control systems can achieve different lighting scenes that are saved by switching. Pressing a button can then get the right light for reading, working or watching television are available. Lighting control systems are operated normally with infrared remote controls.

A nice trend in the atmospheric lighting is the use of light colors red, yellow, green or blue (for example, by Phillips). This gives the opportunity to not only create different lighting moods, but also directly do something for the well-being. Thus, the color blue contributes greatly to relax, while red very stimulating effect.

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