The hang of it! Christmas lights to plug-in

The hang of it! Christmas lights to plug-in

A power supply and 1000 light bulbs A fantastic Christmas lights quickly and easily install in your garden? With Christmas lights to plug-in up to 1000 lamps can be operated on only a single power supply. Can be combined, like what. Lights, lights, nets, icicles, trees, stars and many other ideas for the Christmas lights will be networked via a simple plug-in system with bolted connections.

The installation of Christmas lights as a Chris Line Combi system is simple. Beginning at an electrical outlet, are doors, stair railings, trees and shrubs, equipped with lights. Each of up to 15 strings of lights or lighting systems can be easily connected via a distributor with one another. The Christmas lights with up to 1,000 lights at night shining in your garden.

Gone are the days had to be placed in those with extension cords and cable drums of electricity to theremotest corners of the garden and each other while extending the penetration of moisture into the lineseasier. The Christmas lights in the connector system is completely safe with protection class IP44 for outdooruse. Through the thick and bolted connections to prevent ingress of moisture.

The benefits of Christmas lights with Chris Line Combi system are obvious: more security, more flexibility andeasy installation.

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