Planning a garden pond must be considered

A pond is a great addition to any garden

Creating a garden pond requires precise planning. If the decision has been made for its own habitat garden, it is necessary to deal with the long-term needs of a garden pond afflict. Furthermore, a decision on the type and size shall be taken of the future pond.

The detailed planning should begin with the appropriate location. It is not only aesthetic needs should be included, but rather takes into account the influencing factors. So should be avoided in places where the daily insolation is very high. Moreover, one should reckon with fallen leaves from trees.

If the election for the right location have been taken, the question arises as to the form. In trade, there is the possibility to buy Fertigteiche, are given in which the shape and volume of water. Advantages are the relatively simple installation, as well as in strength. A disadvantage, however, from the lack of creative freedom. A second possibility is the free form exists with pond liner. The installation is expensive, but there is a high degree of creative freedom in the way of the future shape and size of the pond. When the construction work is to be taken into consideration on the slide, which was not due to the tightness coming into contact with sharp tools.

The more complex the pond is located in the individual discretion, but everything should be measured in relation to the technology used. Thus, bridges, wells and water courses can be included. These items should be considered in the appendix to the pond area necessarily. Is built, the pond should be installed a safe and stable before the first flooding of the technique. This includes usually a water pump that provides the filtering and water treatment. Optional accessories include, for example, wells, watercourses and lighting. The location of the technique should be chosen so that it is accessible to later in case of failure cases, or for
cleaning of the equipment to arrive.

After the installation of appropriate equipment and a water-soil and plant substrate can be introduced. When planting is on the propagation of plants, and pay attention to the Pflanztiefen too. This can be the classic pond plants differ from the shore plants. Here, care should be taken that the planting is too narrow, as soon as it comes to competition between the plants. In general, these need to Anzuwachsen a time before they show normal growth. So this requires patience. After the planting of the pond can be filled.

Now, a running-in period is necessary to establish themselves in stable conditions in the pond. After this period can be used or be used as a swimming pond, the pond depending on the use of fish. Fish, however, require additional maintenance. Then observe regular cleaning measures. The technique should be reviewed and fallen leaves and other debris are removed regularly. It should also be reviewed from time to water quality. Strongly deformed plants should be cut back. If you follow these care measures, you have years of enjoyment in her garden pond.

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