Floor heating -underfloor heating

The new construction or renovation of old buildings in a one raises again the question:
what is to be installed for Heating?

It can be simple radiators, as well as underfloor heating. Those who can not decide, should best be compared both systems simply by them and to provide all the pros and cons into account.

And to know when planning the heater you have, select the type of heating system you.
Plant someone a heat pump, it is advisable to combine this with the underfloor heating to strictly. Such devices Underfloor heating generate a lower flow temperature than the gas or oil. The new construction, there is the possibility of the pipes for the underfloor heating in the floor to relocate immediately.

In floor heating, the radiated heat is much more comfortable than the radiators.
It is by underfloor heating so that the heat from the ground feet first heated, then it slips on the body more slowly upward. In the radiators, the heat flows upward and is now more than warm the head and not the feet or the body. And it will cut about in-floor heating, the room temperature by two degrees. This is a great advantage because it brings an energy saving of about 10 percent. When material comparison between radiator and floor heating in terms of cost, there is no special difference -the underfloor heating is more expensive.

Underfloor heating seems to some to be too complicated, but it is not. A hot water heater must produce. It is then up to promote Manifold. The heating coils of the rooms are fitted in such Manifold. Each heating circuit has a servo motor which is connected to the room thermostat. The room controller plays an important role: he reports that a given temperature was not reached, the servo motor in the heating circuit immediately opens the heating circuit. Now, the warm water flows through the heating coils. If using a bathroom radiator, you should run it electrically, because the inlet temperature of underfloor heating is not quite enough. The full heating capacity of the radiator can not be achieved.

A montage of floor heating is not a problem, and you for yourself is pretty straightforward. But it is advisable to check the work on the underfloor heating system by an experienced fitter.
The material for floor heating, any order for the plumbing and heating wholesalers or on the Internet. Locally one can always seek advice at a heating contractor.

What happens if the underfloor heating needs to be cleaned?

Due to corrosion and electrical heating elements are produced in old dirt. And it restricts the flow to one of the pipelines. The old plastic pipes are also diffusionsundicht. The heating water can absorb oxygen, which then reacts with steel components of boiler, distribution system or pipes. And the oxygen diffusion causes the following: it may become loose particles, which were later deposited into existing plastic piping. Whether it comes to such a process is easily recognized by a discoloration of the tubes.

The required heat is transported through the medium of water. In a restricted section is missing the amount of heat. The underfloor heating works then of course, can not, however, the necessary amount of heat to be transported. First, a reduction of heat transfer. That falls to a lower a room temperature. Is this to be compensated, this will increase the supply temperature. And now costs are rising. To avoid this, the underfloor heating should be timely cleaned. Not doing so, there is a closure of the heating circuit.

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