A milestone in the interior wall tattoos

Wall tattoos are timeless trend in interior design

Wall tattoos are timeless trend in interior design. They represent not only an attractive alternative to framed wall pictures, but to spice up every home in stylish and individual way. Whether gold baroque pattern, colorful retro curls, smart sayings in the kitchen, quotes from famous people or what's for romantic bedroom.

The Wall tattoos are available in endless designs, fonts and colors. The new desired motif is pressed with the help of a transfer film on the wall. After this slide is removed and in an instant, the once dull wall shines in new splendor. Of course, not only can the walls with Wandtattoos redesign, including mirrors, lampshades and furniture fronts can be embellished with motifs. Even entire bathrooms are affixed to the tiles of custom decals not again be seen. And the best part is: Are the subject and / or color no longer relevant, should not the whole wall will be repainted, because the stickers can be quickly and remove any residue.

Even his own creativity with this design method, no limits. Individual counseling and assistance regarding the implementation of their ideas are offered as well as comprehensive explanations of processing and assembly. Give your room in no time an artistic touch with the new wall tattoos.

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