Modern decoration for housing and business

also can beautify living spaces by tattoo.

Whether fitness -studio, cafe or your own living room, everyone wants to live out his style. Since the colors to include on the one in which the premises are deleted and set up. Subtly
or prefer to stay in one color family fun colorful landscape messed up? Warm or cold, sterile elegance and homely comfort? Have made these decisions, everything is tailored to the room.
And many are quite firmly to the conclusion that something is missing. Although Farbregie has been consistently observed, even the decor fits the desired impression.

But the walls are empty, large, single-color surfaces. On the one hand a wonderful opportunity, so that the eye can rest. It is not distracted by multicolored spines yet to follow it scratchy lines in the wall or furniture. On the other hand was raised a certain ennui. The remedy has been for several years on the market and find more and more followers. Who wants to hang any pictures, who seeks an original decoration idea of who wants to give his room a special personality that can draw on the wall tattoos. These large or very delicate stickers for walls and doors are available in various colors and shapes. For example, a frog can populate the wall behind the sofa, wildebeest and lion share of the African-themed living room, flowers have grown up around the dinner table or in the kitchen.

The Fitness -Space receives a decoration from dumbbells to the wall, the door to a bar of children's film, so that the paintings of children need to be found on the walls of the place. The cafe has the matching tattoos, or a steaming cup of relevant quotations, evaluate the doctor's office waiting room with their abstract patterns and on the children's corner crowned fairy-tale figures, the boxes of books and the blocks.

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