Sunscreen: awnings, blinds and slats

There are several solar devices, which also protect any other purpose
except to meet prior to the suns.

Sunscreen is not the same sun

Sun there can be in many different forms. Although there are chemical means to the sun such as skin creams, but this text is primarily about the physical facilities for sun protection.
There are awnings and an awning, which placed it outside in the garden, on the terrace or balcony. marquees are often seen in cafes and beer gardens.

Then there are devices for sun protection for the rooms. The devices include awnings, louvres, shutters, blinds and Pleated. Blinds and shutters are available for interior and exterior.
The shutters and blinds provide burglary protection, blinds, heat and sound insulation.
Both are very similar in structure and consist of horizontal slats which can be high with
an endless cord, and pull down. The other sun protection devices pleats, blinds and louvres are installed inside and offer besides sun even blinds.

If we now want to buy a sunscreen, one has to note that fulfill these functions and whether the window is created for it. In many apartments as landlords forbid that shutters be installed, because too much during the assembly must be rebuilt. It is also often the drilling ban in the window frame. You need to know before you buy even if the sun is obscured only or should be a privacy screen. Information on individual sunscreen devices can be read on various news portals.

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