Window cleaning brush: Right window

What should I consider when cleaning the windows, these are brushing it under the windows without streaks and smears?

Each house has several windows. Are they clean, then radiate the entire building. It looks just beautiful. A housekeeper makes sure that everything is in order at home, so she also pays attention to the condition of the window. But not every housewife makes Cleaning windows without leaving streaks and this work gladly. It has so smears many problems. They tried to clean the windows, to the best knowledge and belief, but the result does not make them happier, it is disappointing. How to help a housewife?

What's wrong? The discs have the work done by stripes. And this one looks especially good when the sun is high in the sky. The day is wonderful, but the well-dressed window just spoil the mood. How could you help a housewife in this situation? There are certain tricks. Above all, the correct method should be selected. Then the devices are very important, it must be the right ones. The housewife would also have a certain knowledge of cleaning additives have.

The method

So if someone now wants to clean the windows properly, they must all comply. Only then there is the chance to bring the window back to the rays. Nowadays you even use in several areas of life, the technical achievements. Washing windows can also be achieved with the usual method a lot. For proper cleaning of the windows you need water, squeegee, some detergent.

The marks on the window

From the outside, the windows are exposed to the wind and rain, the pollution is stronger than from the inside. It can get stuck flowers, small leaves on the window. To remedy this, one uses a special brush that is not big and very soft. On the discs can traces of exhaust gases, dirt, and even find fat.

How to do it?

Now it goes the other hand, as follows: take a bucket and fill it with warm water. The water temperature must be such that the hand feels comfortable in there. Then one thinks of the detergent, a few drops have come in the water. If you now still a little vinegar (Spirit is also suitable to add), we have prepared the liquid. If you want to clean the windows properly, so we can not use hot water. There is a reason: the detergent may lose its quality.

A sponge is subsequently soaped. It is run by the top corner in the form of a serpentine line down. First you clean the glass inside. The squeegee then helps the water, which is still on the disc over to wipe away.

The microfiber

The microfiber again calls for the inspection and wipes out the last drop from all angles. What makes a housewife, when the windows are very tall and big? Will there be additional to a problem? No, it is also in this case, no obstacle to the proper cleaning of the windows. Today, there are special devices whose length is adjustable to comfortably can. As the hostess simply takes as a telescopic rod in hand and completed their work. The rod is a very good helper there.


Many housewives to polish the glass with newspaper. We always did it before, but still. Because they have to be careful that the ink, the frame is not smeared. Now there are wonderful leather flap. The chamois cleaning the windows properly and thoroughly. There remain no traces.

What is observed?

The soapy water will clean the frames and window sills, which are then also rinse with a cloth. If you do it with a plastic frame, it is a Putzstein quite well. You can buy in the drugstore. If the window ledge of marble, so great caution is needed. Best fits for the proper cleaning of the window a neutral detergent. It is prohibited to use products containing an acid. You should clean the windows with intense sunshine, not because of rapid drying. This creates strips.

For stains on the window you can use Eraser. Practically, for the brightness of the linseed oil. It gives the windows a beautiful rays. Vinegar plays in with the proper cleaning of the window a large role. Its strong smell even care that flies and mosquitoes stay away. A good idea while cleaning the windows is the nylon stocking. If you so polished the windows, they are brought to a shine.

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