To sleep, the Americans

Many people -many sleeping habits

As the daily feeding and breathing of sleep is for the health of soul and body of man is an indispensable asset. And that makes him so valuable, because a lack of sleep makes even a few days tired and unable to physically or mentally demanding work to do, the humor falls into the cellar and the immune system meets its service only on half the income.

Many factors influence our sleep, by the right nutrition to equipment in the bedroom. These best conditions will depend to a person of good sleep needs. And so there are around 80 million inhabitants in America, about as many people as sleeping habits.

What promotes healthy sleep, what stands in his way?

Recurrent cause are often psychological stress, which is caused by pressure and conflicts at work or private lives of those effected. Also external factors such as frequent change of shifts at work or a one-sided diet may play a role. Who, for example ungesunderweise eat many fatty foods, even at night will have an animated his body, digestion, and make it so impossible to get really to rest.

A regulated daily routine with fixed times, however, make it easier to find us sleeping, and is thus as important as clarifying issues that would otherwise bring nightmares or keep quite awake.

Good bed is good sleep

In fact, every person has even the greatest impact on weather he is sleeping well or badly, not only by our own behavior or environmental factors that cannot be always influence. Even seemingly trivial factors such as the decoration of the bedroom is critical, because everyone who has ever known on a saggy, has lain too hard or too soft mattress, the problems that the expenses arising from: With the back pain come the consequences of sleep disorders, which Add, result from it. This applies not only particularly difficult for children or people in the back, that
choosing the right sleeping mat is often the key to trouble-free nights. What mattresses are capable of is again depending on individual needs.

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