Kitchen Renovation -5 Steps to a dream kitchen!

Learn how to effectively modernize your kitchen & cheap!

Your kitchen has the best years are behind him? The drawers do
not close and the electrical appliances are more 'grandmother
generation'? Here you will find 5 tips to renovate your kitchen to

Kitchen front renewed: Old kitchen is like new!

You miss your kitchen a new color: There is a flexible front-
modules that fit in any kitchen cupboard / brand -just find on the internet offering "cuisine front-modules".
Kitchen Renovation Example Your old foundation is replaced by the new covering a fresh look of your choice . The hardest thing here is the color of the new fronts! Tip: Warm color tones (eg, reddish-brown & orange tones) have a stimulating and awaken the joy of cooking and eating!

Countertop share: Small effort, big impact.
With a different countertop give your kitchen a new look. As an alternative to the classical particle board as natural stone countertops offer sensational life, natural wood worktops provide a warm, cozy look. It is surprising not only the great variety of patterns, colors and finishes, but also the different combinations and mounting options. So get started now!

Really save money with a new dishwasher electricity.
Modern dishwashers consume compared to older models, only one third of the current quarter and the amount of water. So that you protect the environment and your wallet! Whether single household or extended family, including the amount of dishes should be considered in the selection -it's worth it!

With modern ventilation system to ensure clean air.
New exhaust systems come in many different designs and materials. Turn your old fume hood is a piece of jewelry. The often perceived as disruptive noise was substantially reduced in new equipment. Inform yourself and surprise yourself that everything is possible!

Kitchen facelift -the entire kitchen renovation from a pro
Kitchens Jansen from Cologne is the best professional for kitchen renovation, kitchen modernization and kitchen modifications. The total reconstruction of your kitchen will be jointly planned with you and implemented as a total package for them.

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